Albena was born in a family of artists and received 12 years of classical art training in Europe. She started painting when she was only four years old. Shortly after graduation Albena created several large murals. Albena’s first solo art show was in 1987. During time in Europe, Albena participated every year at Art Basel – the most prestigious modern art show in the world. Corporate and private collectors bought all her art before every show opening. In 1990 Albena moved to Southern California with her family.
During the first few years in the USA Albena had several solo shows at the Michael Stone Collection Gallery in Washington, DC, Lori Kay Gallery at the Disney Hilton in Anaheim, multiple times at Art Expo in Las Vegas and in New York, Nelly Angel Gallery in Chicago. During this period she had great success selling her originals to private collectors and institutions, but she also realized her outreach was limited by the nature of the originals business. Albena’s vision and ambition was to touch as many people as it was possible in her lifetime. She needed a different channel to realize her dreams. In 2000, Albena discovered the world of art publishing. In New York, she met the owners of a wonderful company called Wild Apple Graphics and as they say the rest is history.
Albena had instant success in the art publishing business. Over the last 15 years she has created over thousand images that have sold millions of prints on all possible media across all five continents. You already may have seen her paintings in Nordstrom, Macy’s JC Penny’s, Aaron Brothers, Cost Plus, Pier One and many other furniture and accessories chains and retailers. The wide appeal of Albena’s artistic sensibilities has also lead to many licensing contracts with many different home décor companies, including seven wildly successful signature wallpaper collections sold internationally. You can find a wide range of merchandise with her images in Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kirkland, Cost Plus, Harrods of London, eBay, Amazon and many other international, national and local retailers.
Albena artistic interest have taken her to many different subject matters and styles from the classical and traditional to the expressionist and abstract; from florals and architectural themes to canyons and minerals. Albena’s has developed a unique style that can be easily recognized across her large body of work.
Albena lives in Orange County with her husband and business partner. They travel around the globe collecting experiences and expressions for her to bring back on canvas to you.


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