Henrik Saar

Henrik Saar

Location: Denmark

I was born 1967 in Soenderborg near to the border between Germany and Denmark with a German father and a Danish mother. As a teenager I started to study drawing and to work in my daddy`s Architect company, making reproductions of the architect`s drawings. Although I thought that I one day might become an architect as well, I ended up with a bachelor grade as a teacher in art and religion, but did all the same work full time as a visual artist since 1989.

2003: Solo exhibition in the Galleria del Centro Cultural De La Academia de Bellas Artes, Lima Peru.
2007: Palm Art Award, Leipzig, Germany.
2009: World Art Expo, Las Vegas.
2010: The ANIMA AWARD EXPO, Fredericia, Denmark.
2012: The ”KE” for selected artists, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2015: New York Art Expo - Rising Artist.
2015:The X International Biennale of Florence.
2016: Visio Visionari at Museo Internationale Italia Arte - Torino

Homepage: www.henriksaar.dk



My life is loaded with drama, chaos, accidents, disease, survival, love, adventurous trips and religious miracles. Now Look at my artworks: Layer on layer like experience on experience.

I am creating my life story in a cryptic art language. Some of it contains well known symbols, some of are self invented figurative or abstract elements. It does not really matter whether it is abstract or figurative.

The strange phenomenon in my case is, that my visual expression comes before things actually happen in my external reality. I do never paint or draw on memories. My vision is to express, what I do not yet understand, but know is real. What you understand, is up to you, and I`m happy not to dictate you, what to think.

I use only the same three primary oil-colors and black and white. During the past 10 years I have been working my new style: Thick texture and many transparent layer in pure colors on top of the texture is now typical for me. I mix my colors additive in transparency. This gives my paintings a very deep glow. During the process I scrape of a bit of the transparent paint with a scalpel to highlight the details of the texture.

Learning to fly “Learning to fly”

Acrylic and oil on canvas 120 x 85 cm. 2015

Rose thorns “Rose thorns”

Acrylic and oil on canvas 120 x 85 cm. 2015

Times of ups and downs “Times of ups and downs”

Oil on canvas 75 x 121 cm. 2015

Behind the curtains “Behind the curtains”

Oil on canvas 75 x 121 cm. 2015

Circles “Circles”

Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm. 2015

I love it “I love it”

Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm. 2015

Communicating “Communicating”

Oil on canvas 46 x 38 cm. 2015

Tired legs “Tired legs”

Acrylic on canvas 70 x 60 cm. 2014

Crocodile day “Crocodile day”

Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm. 2014

On the other side “On the other side”

Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm. 2014

Expecting “Expecting”

Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm 2014

Lili and Markus “Lili and Markus”

Acrylic and oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm. 2016

Adam and Eve “Adam and Eve”

Oil on wood 50 x 40 cm.

The last supper “The last supper”

Oil on wood 50 x 40 cm.

The wounded Philotectes “The wounded Philotectes”

Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

Hippocampus “Hippocampus”

Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

Paranoia “Paranoia”

Oil on wood 120 x 100 cm.

A fine day “A fine day”

Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

At the round table “At the round table”

Oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm.

I would like to feel  happy “I would like to feel happy”

Acrylic on canvas 39 x 29 cm.