Harshangda Bhatnagar

Harshangda Bhatnagar

Location: India

I am a serene individual with an eccentric love for literature, poetry, art and dance. The interplay of natural beauty and human emotions has always mesmerized me. I try to capture the beauty of life through pastels and paints. I find immense pleasure in contemplating and translating my thoughts into verses that can touch hearts.
I have also learnt various Indian dance forms which I feel is an incredible way to express myself.
So, here I am, sharing my work with the world in a hope that people will relate to it and find peace for their soul.


The Goddesses of Mind

Enjoy this compilation of female power and meet the goddesses that rule our mind and emotions.

The Mighty Chimera-Fire Goddess “The Mighty Chimera-Fire Goddess”

The painting depicts a woman on fire blazing with energy. She rises from the dying embers on the ground and creates a magnificent fire on her own. This is a motivational piece of art meant for people who have lost the hope and the will to get up again and fight the life.

The Goddess of Bhopal-Bride Avatar “The Goddess of Bhopal-Bride Avatar”

The painting depicts a Bhopali young girl dressed up as a bride. I have tried to showcase the hindu-muslim togetherness and the affect this has on bhopali traditional clothing and jewellery. The most significant part of this artwork is the ghoonghat or the purdah that the bride does.

Nrityangda-the Goddess of Indian Classical Dance “Nrityangda-the Goddess of Indian Classical Dance”

The painting tries to create a fantasy image of the Goddess dancing to the beats of tabla in the hallucinating turqoise land.

The Night Goddess-White Trail “The Night Goddess-White Trail”

Have a look at the most enigmatic goddess. The Goddess of Night. Follow her white trail as she walks you through the cherry blossom.

Raqqaasah-The Goddess of Kathak “Raqqaasah-The Goddess of Kathak”

Raqqaasah means a dancing girl in urdu. I have used the word to establish the Goddess of Kathak dance. Watch her as she swirls in the silver darbar under the moonlight.

Mujhe Pankh de do- The Goddess of Freedom “Mujhe Pankh de do- The Goddess of Freedom”

The artwork tries to depict how a girl shackled by the society and the demons of her own mind grows her wings and breaks free from the cage to soar high in the free sky.

The Goddess of Dreams and Ambitions “The Goddess of Dreams and Ambitions”

She sits on the window ledge contemplating on the vast sea and the high rise mountains. She dreams to go beyond the sea and the mountains to the land of her dreams. She knows it will be a strugglesome journey, she might drown in the ocean or fall from the mountain. But she is confident that she will come out of waters and pick herself if she falls down the mountains. She dreams, hopes, works hard and reaches the land she always wanted to see.


Enjoy the light and bright artwork based on the beauty of nature.