Bhavna Karki

Bhavna Karki is a renowned environmentalist & eco-artist from India, living in California, US. She has been working in the field of environment and sciences right from college days. Since her college days she is known for her active involvement in environmental issues and approach towards finding solutions for those.

She has been advocating for environmental causes through her work with organizations like United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Disaster Mitigation; Management Centre (DMMC) Dehradun, Govt. of Uttarakhand.

At UNDP; DMMC her work spans around environmental, ecological, disaster management; resource sustainability especially in the Himalayan region. Being associated with various programs with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in India, National; State governments in India; several voluntary organizations in various capacities she managed various issues in her domain and assisted government agencies positive intervention in the field of environment, climate change, disaster management and allied fields resulting a big impact on environmental diaspora. She has been a very sourceful; active resource person for School Safety Issue, Climate Risk Management, Community Centric Disaster Management and other related areas for State Governments, NGOs and Government Training Institution in India. Currently, she is on the advisory body of many NGOs i.e. in the field of environment.

She is also a climate reality leader and co-founder of SCRRN, a citizen-centric movement arising from Shimla City to sensitize and mobilize the people on getting together in solution-finding exercises. She is also team member of the TEDx Cart Road, a Shimla based TEDx event through which the best ideas are brought to the global audience.
Thus, most of her art-work is very close to nature, its beauty, eco-system and other environmental issues. Focusing on the issue of “global warming” and “climate change” she is trying to bring together the scientific and creative worlds through art work. This is also a medium through which active environmentalism can be made a priority for one and all.


'Ecosystem & Beauty of Life' - (Feb. 2016)

How beautiful our ecosystem is and how beautiful our environment is.....Beside all these question, as we know that climate change and global warming are today's worst enemy of our beautiful eco-system.

I have tried hard to showcase the beauty of nature through canvas oil paints on previously taken photographic rebound of my pictures. While all canvas paintings were donated or sold cheaply to help various cause towards environment; I still have the canvas picture replica of those canvas paintings.

This is to show that while our environment may not need us but we will always need breath, to live, to sing, to laugh, to us

'In Natures Lap' - (September 2015)

Mother Nature provides what we need for our lives. Living in nature gives us endless pleasure. Lap of nature is just like the lap of his/her mother for a baby. It provides us our food, our water, our livelihoods — they all come from nature.

But, humans are taking more than what they should take. The destruction and exploitation of nature is destroying our best defense mechanism against the current changing climate scenario, which is the nature itself. Saving nature is the only way to save ourselves and it is possible to live in complete harmony with nature.

'Call of the Mountains' - (March 2015)

The Himalayan Alpine climate is a harsh environment and very few animals and plants can live there. The few plants that do inhabit have to adapt to the freezing temperatures, high winds and to a short growing season. That is why most of the plants grow low to the ground. High altitude Himalayas are arid desert with a panorama of high snow-capped peaks and bare multi-hued hills sculpted by the forces of nature. The climate is extreme with long snow bound winters and a brief three months’ summer. Rainfall is as low as two inches per year and it is the melting snow flowing swiftly down the rocky streams and rivers that sustain habitation and meager crops.

The NAF -"North American Fall" - (October 2016)

The great American forests and National Parks carries a a colorful aura during the season of fall. which varies from east coast to Midwest and.central zone to west coast. Its literally impossible to describe all here but during the fall season; a 2400 mile long drive from east coast to west coast can certainly satisfy someone's quest for the beauty of nature during the season of fall.