Stina Engvall

Stina Engvall

Location: Finland

I am an artist living in a small town in Kristinestad, Finland. I have an art gallery that is open mainly in summer.
I mostly paint with oil on canvas, but during the last three years I have started painting oil behind glass or reverse glasspainting. Right now my glasspaintings are represented at a big naivistic exhibition in Iittala in Finland. I have had several exhibitions in Finnish citys for example in Helsinki, Turkku and Vasa, but also quite frequently in Stockholm.


My works

The paintings are oil on canvas or oil behind glass.

Guarding Angel “Guarding Angel”

Oil on canvas 40 x 50

Space rabbit “Space rabbit”

Oil on canvas 36 x 46

Guenevere “Guenevere”

Oil behind glass 48 x 58

The secret of the pound “The secret of the pound”

Oil behind glass 74 x 74

Me and my Sidensvans “Me and my Sidensvans”

Oil behind glass 40 x 50

Sweet sinful cherry angel “Sweet sinful cherry angel”

Oil on canvas 30 x 40

Art Gallery Gottorp “Art Gallery Gottorp”

Some of the buildings at Gottorp

Gallery Gottorp “Gallery Gottorp”

Shaman exhibition