Paulina Beyer

Paulina Beyer

Location: Chile

Paulina Beyer

I draw inspiration in urban and rural landscapes of Chile and the world; I love nature and color as part of my essence.
I feel the need to translate the hills and streets of Valparaiso, the memory traces of cities and towns that melt in the fog, my country of contrast from north to south, different landscapes, Andes mountains and marine.
I hypnotize the color of the mountains, seas and rivers; I travel looking for new ideas to discover the charm of nature.
My paintings is colorful, breath and love the color, it gives me joy and is a reflection of my life.
I try not to pigeonhole, just let my heart speak and think my hands.
It is very important to me that in every job they make of it my best and this is reflected in my art.
It is free, entertaining, colorful and cheerful, it gives plenty of room for imagination
I leave everything to the viewer.

Major exhibitions

2003 Extension Center Catholic University of Chile, Artists of the XXI Century, Chile.
2007 Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, guest artist, in December. 2007.
2008 Painting Exhibition, Gallery Guernica, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2008 Individual Painting Exhibition, State Gallery of The Arts, Hong Kong, China.
2009 "Art without Borders", group exhibition of painting, Artseni Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2010 "CHACO Art Fair, Santiago, Chile.
2012 "The Latin-Americans & Caribbean 12th Contemporary Art Exhibition Today" Promoarte Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
2016 Art Expo New York, NYC, Pier 94, Siena Gallery Space
2016 Latin American Artists in Milan, Collective expo Spazio Tadini, Monteoliveto Gallery


Ciudad Bella I

Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50 cm.

Ciudad I “Ciudad I”

Acrylic on canvas

Ciudad II “Ciudad II”

Acrylic on canvas and mix media

A todo color “A todo color”

Mix media on canvas

Sinfonia de colores “Sinfonia de colores”

Acrylic and oil on canvas

Obra 2 “Obra 2”

Mix media on canvas

Rincones de Valparaiso “Rincones de Valparaiso”

Mix media on canvas

Vista de Santiago “Vista de Santiago”

Mix media on canvas