Simone Rosti

Simone Rosti

Location: Italy

I am intrigued by essence and absence. I shoot through rapid movement of scenery: this is the starting point for subtraction, exasperation of contrast and scarification of the image until nothing but essence is left, an intimate and hidden projection of Self, an outstretched hand toward the viewer.

My artistic journey started by taking random shots, as I watched the world move and evolve in front of me. I discovered faces, unexpected moments and fragments of poetry: a wealth of emotions and suggestions. I never conceived shooting as a technical exercise where everything was balanced in search of perfection. Simply it wasn’t my purpose. Conversely I found in imperfection and movement the key to my expression. Later I started stripping back the shots, to make them more evocative, more extreme, more direct. Here I focused my research, where I found my sense of art, working on subtraction of light, on scarification, on the creation of contrasts, using monochromes, researching geometries. My "white canvas" has become the moving shots of roads, bridges, tunnels, preferably at night, in extreme weather conditions, with rain and fog. The more these contexts are irregular and reproduced imperfectly, the more my “white canvas” becomes valuable and full of items which project me and the viewer into a plastic dimension of unreality. Why there? Because there I've discovered a dimension that combines relaxation and alienation, a sort of comfort zone where that precarious balance that is the base of the complicated craft of existence seems to emerge. The purpose of my work is to reconcile frustration and harmony in a sort of limbo, of suspension, of indefinite. Most of my shots occur while I’m driving in solitude, where I’m travelling with my mind, while my body is busy completing a physical gesture, almost paralyzed by instinct and not with real commitment. Yet in this space in which I can’t escape from the cage (the car) I am compelled to pay attention to the unexpected (to what I have in front, beside and behind me): the perfect setting at the base of my "canvas". The starting point of an artistic process that unfolds in a continuum that does not end with the finished artwork. Indeed, the finished artwork poses many questions, leaving the viewer with the burden to respond. For me Art is an expressive medium.


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