Maco Vargas

Maco Vargas

Location: Peru

Studied Graphic Design and my passion for photography made me self-thaught.
Have been working in advertising photography for more than 20 years and in the last years studied by research effort, and up to now, attended to different workshops with renowned international photographers in order to keep myself updated.
The most of my work pretends to show a play on shape and color, form and background, I like to work on esthetic images. In the last two years have been working in two social projects, one of them “Peru Now”, about the big houses and the life style of their owners in Peru, the other one “Spending the Summer” is about the way the people, of different social classes, enjoy the summer in the different beaches along Lima’s cost. I participated in solo shows in Lima and several group shows in Lima, Vienna, Venice, Izmir, Miami, Tehran, Dubai and Morocco.
In 2015 finished the Latinamerican Master in Contemporary Photography at the Centro de la Imagen in Lima, Peru


Umbrellas'Stories and More at the beach

Aerial photography showing how the people used to enjoy the summer at the different beaches along our coast in Lima

Umbrellas' Stories “Umbrellas' Stories”

Colored umbrellas are set day by day in a particular design, managed by their owners. Under each umbrella we find a different group, a different story to tell

Punta Rocas “Punta Rocas”

Totally private and well attended

Regatas “Regatas”

One of the most exclusive clubs

San Bartolo “San Bartolo”

Nice place to spend the summer

The Costa Verde “The Costa Verde”

Just in the city of Lima.., a possibility to go surfing anytime

Ventanilla “Ventanilla”

On the other side of the city, Ventanilla is a beach for those who live north of Lima

Eating a Papa a la Huancaina “Eating a Papa a la Huancaina”

People used to eat some peruvian meal during the day at the beach, between the umbrellas we can find a couple having lunch, they are eating potatoes with Huancaina sauce

Cebiche at Punta Rocas “Cebiche at Punta Rocas”

Nothing better than taking a spicy cebiche with a very cold beer at the beach in Peru

The Intangible Shape of Light

The series is inspired by the different shapes we can see as a result of the light presence in a certain place, a certain time, concrete forms that are intangible but whose presences are evident in front of our eyes, shapes that can be recorded only by photography by it's ability to freeze that fleeting and unique moment beacuse each hour, each minute, is mutating to a different presence.

La serie está inspirada en las diversas formas que podemos ver como resultado de la presencia de la luz en un espacio determinado, en un tiempo deterninado, formas concretas que son intangibles pero cuya presencia es evidente ante nuestros ojos, formas que solo pueden
quedar registradas por la fotografía que congela ese momento fugáz e irrepetible porque cada hora, cada minuto, van mutando a una presencia distinta.