Kevin Samuel Murphy ( Ksm )

KSM is a contemporary Neo expressionist / street artist from London .
Working in Oil / Acrylics/ Screen printing
KSM ( Kevin Samuel Murphy ) grew up on the streets of Hackney a vibrant inner city neighbourhood during the 1980s .
Strong influences from Street Art / Graffiti art /1980s Neo expressionism / abstract expressionism / can be seen in his work .

His work is based on issues that effect our World in the 21st century and the impact this is having on the humanity.

Politics / War / Drug addiction / Mental illness/ Poverty / Greed / Racism / Controlled Freedom / Environmental Catastrophes .
The feeling of / Pain / Anger / Confusion / Depression / Helplessness/ Despair / Need for Change / is communicated to the viewer in my own distinctive way .
KSM (Kevin Samuel Murphy ) is well established artist with his work sold throughout the world .


Shadows in the flag

Freedom of Speech “Freedom of Speech ”

Our freedom of speech is being restricted .

Controlled Freedom “Controlled Freedom ”

Our freedom is being controlled more & more
Are we really free ?

The Circus “The Circus ”

Drugs are destroying the very fabric of society