Alberto Thirion

Alberto Thirion

Location: Mexico

My name is Alberto Thirion and they call me the most famous painter in the world, they say it as a joke, but I liked the nickname and I have taken it as a slogan.

The nickname or slogan was born as a logical consequence of a work entitled the death of the devil. This is the story in broad strokes, when I was still young I was exhibiting my work in the company of other fellow painters, among all the spectators who by the way this time there were many, a boy arrived who must have been rich, to whom they were going to buy a painting as a birthday present.

The boy's mother did not want to buy the painting, but the boy was armed that this was the painting he wanted, his mother told him that how he was going to hang that painting in his room that he was surely going to have very bad nightmares, etc. Since in the play the devil appears decapitated and bleeding, -and he watched the scene without participating in it- the boy threw himself on the ground and began to have a great tantrum, hitting the ground, etc., etc.

At the time that he said he is the most famous painter in the world, I already love her!!!, I love her!, he shouted!!! And he shouted other praises for the work that in his opinion were fair, with the desperate aim of convincing his mother, but she did not buy the work.

That's where my fellow artists took it from to give me that nickname, years later already with the vision that time gives when seeing things in perspective. I think they unconsciously. They identified with that child, who loved that painting so much. Then that painting was stolen from me, by a thief who also wanted it, I guess, but he didn't have the money to buy it, it comforts me to think that the work took him away, the thief.


The masterpiece of nature

InformaciĆ³n de la obra original

Country: MEXICO
Category: Painting
Theme: Figure
Technique: Oil
Support: Table
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

The mountain is sacred “The mountain is sacred”

The mountain is sacred

Give a long walk in the woods and intoxicate my eyes with all the beauties of the world of nature, trying desperately to absorb the splendor that is displayed at all times to what they can see. Helen Keller

The offering, works in oil on canvas Alberto Thirion

In a forest there are many things, there are many shades of green, there are many trees, many birds, flowers and animals, but must take care not to make noise and wind direction, if they notice your presence hide.

Then only you can see some things, and not all there, especially at anocheser the forest becomes mysterious, this mystery helps increase the singing of some nocturnal birds such as the cormorant.

The shadows then and reveal other things that are sometimes confused with which we carry within us, and as always happens in life, also happens even when walking through the streets of a town or a city, maybe that's why Mount at this time lends itself to meditate.

When longer into the night and the sky is clear, you can see clearer and brighter, more beautiful than ever and nearby stars.

The campfire with wood oak makes the best dinner, especially if the walk was long, the pinewood is not good, that is short and made a lot of smoke, the fire should last all night and if they are better coals, for prepare lunch coffee, which is so tasty.

Of course the mountain is better to go alone, because then you are alone with yourself and you can see visions like this painting, which I think, is but a synthesis of nature, because it is God's work.

The forest is also the great living and vivifying nature, the triumph of chlorophyll, the return to origins. Michel Tournier

Sometimes when alone in the bush gives a little scary, especially when the fog comes and you can not see one meter below, or you can view a celestial atmosphere in the clouds between the earth or perhaps spooky sometimes , not the landscape itself but by the eyes that contemplate.

However it is good to be on the mountain alone, you learn to master the fear always have it under control and trust yourself, I happily go to the mountain alone since I was a child, to give me courage I leaned on my rifle one Springfield Cal. 22 of 15 shots, good for 16 with one in the chamber, which made him great expansivas.un bullets rifle jammed NEVERLAND me, was a gift from my father at the age of twelve.

The forest has always been closely linked to my life, that we were and are forest owners for several generations, the mother of Durango sierra, in northern Mexico, the woods are my own roots, back to my origins.

Sometimes you get to the majesty of a shoal and find just a beautiful little flower that seems to welcome you, and invite you to spend the night there.

But you have to look at other things to decide to spend the night there, more practical things like whether there is water, if the wind repecha to paste filled, if there where to go if it starts raining, if wood enough oak to overnight in order that sort of thing.

In the forest naturally there are many minerals, many stones and some can even be beautiful, well you can even play with the animals as when I came across a beautiful red fox, was one of a beautiful coat red-burned and toyed hide and seek with me got through a cave and appeared on the other, I was unable to shoot, the better I started to enjoy the game, which certainly lasted a long time, after the game, and when he left I could understand amazed that has the reputation of being very intelligent.

There were again oak forests on the slopes proud poplars, sharpening, green. In groups, and yet, each of them breathing their pride solitude, as the same HOMB

Collection of newspaper articles lost Alberto Thirion

Angela “Angela”

Pastel sobre papel 70x100 cm

La Flor “La Flor”

La Flor
Pastel sobre papel 70x100 cm.

The heart of Mexico

"The world's most famous painter"

"Once a dog barked at a mask that did, was the most honorable comment I have received." - Leonora Carrington

I came to think that Demian Hirst, called the world's most famous painter, not if items paid or outdated journalists but that I have read on several occasions.

He was misnamed, but I was wrong, he is certainly the most famous painter English-speaking world, his art faithfully represents the environment that produced it, ie that of a decadent society.

Cayetano puppy

Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, actually they were just doing the same thing a few years ago, ie, painting her decadent world and announcing what was coming, that is the "art" (I say art for calling it somehow) of Demian Hirst.

And with the corruption of language so fashionable nowadays everything is confused, Americans for example call themselves Americans and not they are just Americans and non-Americans, in any case are more Americans we who are mestizos they they are only son of immigrants who never or rarely mixed with Indian blood of America.

Bravo river separates not two countries but two worlds, the Hispanic-American and Anglo America.

Although Mexico is recovering the territory that was seized by the United States, as we all know, no doubt because of this I confundi unconscious or subconsciously.

This stuffed shark Demian represents his world, his progress, (his concept of progress led us to climate change) your technology? Its economy, etc, etc, ie represents the world in a word, is a cadaver present, the cadaver of an animal present, is a symbol, no doubt the English-speaking world.

Although Mexico is recovering the territory that was seized by the United States

Calls advanced ideas ended with traditional values.

This stuffed shark is a metaphor of his spirit, a metaphor that reflects faithfully.

No doubt Demian Hirst, known to express magnificamente.Gloria! Demian Hirst, he has managed to discover the current Anglo-Saxon spirit, as no other artist of our time.

As for me just say that today, when photographing this work, the little dog my brother estubo barking loudly to painting, my little niece said she was excited and that was that.

Then find some of this on the internet because I remembered reading once an anecdote about a dog that barked a painting, but I remember it was a painting by Velazquez, the Spanish painter of Las Meninas, finally what I found it was a phrase that says Leonora Carrington once a dog barked at a mask that hiso and that's the best comment he received in his life, about his work as an artist.

Leonora Carrington phrase

"Once a dog barked at a mask that did, was the most honorable comment I have received."

- Leonora Carrington

This is the work that barked wing Cayetano, my brother's puppy

But today two or three days after increasing the work, a gallery called I get a comment from a person saying that I had saved his life with my work, needless to say I am satisfied with this, not I want to be "the world's most famous painter," as Demian Hirst.

Recovery of lost articles Alberto Thirion

Country: MEXICO
Category: Painting
Theme: Figure
Technique: Oil
Support: Table
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

The spirit of the times “The spirit of the times”

The spirit of the times

But ... if God is stronger than the devil, why God no kill the devil and so he will no more bad men? (Daniel Defoe)

The spirit of the times, the work of Alberto Thirion

The experience in studying the nature of the artworks has amply demonstrated that the artist captures and shapes the spirit of his time.

Well said Pope Francis recently in Bolivia, in his speech at the meeting with popular movements, "This system no longer hold on, do not endure the peasants, not put up workers, not endure communities, not endure the peoples ... And neither holds Earth, sister Mother Earth as San Francisco he said.

Even Herbert Read openly argues that an artist succeeds when he does meet a need of the collective unconscious.