Location: Rwanda

Visual Artist
After completing his art education at Rwanda’s prestigious art school, Ecole d’Art de Nyundo in 2014 with a major in graphic design, painting and sculpture, Mashakiro Bienvenue has fully involved himself in doing art professionally, humble and highly motivated his works when presented stretch as far as the eye can see, he evokes themes in his paintings using layers of color and stylized forms.

Bienvenue finds more comfort in contemporary abstract art and applies an in-depth knowledge he acquired at school in an inventive way to successfully archive his goals, for his unique approach to doing art, Mashakiro is admired most by all fellow artists and he is treasured for his skills.

As an artist, Mashakiro, many times, creates what he feels, thinks and sees in the world around him garnering extraordinary reactions from his admirers, in his own words Bienvenue says “I challenge and stretch myself never falling back on what I have done in the past, among my great collection in painting, abstract work, illustrations, sculptures I master today what will be history tomorrow”.


My art works

This Is some of my artworks