Cathy Locke

I hold a B.F.A. from Art Center College of Design and a M.F.A. from the Academy of Art University, both with honors. I currently teach a variety of figurative courses in the graduate department at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I have received accolades for my work from the Pastel Society of America, Art Directors Club of New York, Society of Illustrators in Los Angeles, Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, the Pastel Journal and Campaign Papers. I have also received two Pastel 100 Awards placing me as one of the top 100 pastelists in the world. My work is collected by civic institutions, colleges and universities, and private patrons across the United States, Canada and Europe.

I am the founder of Russian Art Tour (, which allows me the pleasure of lecturing on both Russian and European art in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I am currently writing a book on Russian art. I work as a freelance writer for a number of art publications and I maintain a blog on Russian and European art (

My work has been recently featured in two museum shows, including a special honor where my work was hand selected from the Pastel Society of America's Annual Exhibition to show at the Butler Institute of American Art. The other was an exhibition at the Morris Graves Museum titled "Motion and Meaning."



Abstracted floral oil paintings

Amaryllis Duo “Amaryllis Duo”

Oil painting of amaryllis on a patterned table.
Dimensions: 24?H, 30?W, 1?D

Pink Ladies “Pink Ladies”

bstracted floral oil painting on mylar. Hung between two pieces of plexiglass and mounted with frame bolts onto wood panel. Top piece of plexiglass is museum grade non-reflective, bottom sheet is 60 percent opaque. Both sheets of plexiglass are mounted 1 inch above a wood panel with contemporary stainless steel frame bolts. This allows light to come from behind to beautifully illuminate the artwork.
Dimensions: 24?H, 24?W, 2?D

Rosettes “Rosettes”

Painting of cactus rosettes. Pained on mylar then hung between two pieces of plexiglass and mounted with frame bolts onto wood panel. There is a distance between the artwork and the wood panel so that light can beautifully illuminate the art.
Dimensions: 18?H, 18?W, 2?D

Yellow Trumpets “Yellow Trumpets”

Painting of yellow trumpets. Painted onto plexiglass then mounted with frame bolts onto a 1" wood panel. There is a 1" distance between the painting and the wood panel, so that light comes from behind to beautifully illuminate the artwork.
Dimensions: 18?H, 18?W, 2?D

Orange Gerbers “Orange Gerbers”

An original oil painting on mylar of orange berbers. A beautiful piece for your home or office. Mounted in a gold frame.
Dimensions: 12?H, 12?W, 1?D

Figurative Paintings

Contemporary figurative paintings

Terpsichore “Terpsichore”

Original oil painting of the Greek goddess Terpsichore dancing through the clouds.
Dimensions: 48?H, 60?W, 1?D

Falling Together “Falling Together”

Abstracted pastel painting of two people in love. This painting does come framed in a contemporary box frame, wood on the sides and gold on top. Artwork is behind museum grade non-reflective plexiglass.
Dimensions: 40?H, 40?W, 1?D

Secret Hiding Place “Secret Hiding Place”

An original oil painting of a little girl playing.
Dimensions: 48?H, 48?W

Pinwheels “Pinwheels”

A dance of color as a young girl plays with pinwheels. Abstracted figurative painting of a child.

Twirling “Twirling”

Original pastel painting of a little girl twirling in circles.
Dimensions: 48?H, 48?W, 1?D

Mnemosyne “Mnemosyne”

Original oil painting. The mother of all the Greek muses, Mnemosyne.
Dimensions: 60?H, 48?W, 1?D