Michal Shelly

michal Shelly

Location: Israel

Member of IMPACT- the professional Artist Association, Israel.
1985- graduate of Ha'Midrasha L'Amanut (Israel art college).
1986-gradguate Art Therapy Lesley College USA
2007- Single exhib /Yahalom theatre Ramat-Gan.
2008- Single exhib/ Efrat gallery, Gordon st Tel-Aviv.
2009- Group exhib/ 'LE CHEVAL DE SABLE' France, Paris.
2009- Group exhib/ Urban- Gebo gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2010- Group exhib/ Erotic- Gebo gallery, Tel-Aviv.
2011-single exhib / Israeli Opera- house.
2011-Group exhib/Grand Palais,Paris
2011-Montefiore Auction House/Tel-Aviv Israel
2012-Single exhib/ziv tower ,tel-aviv
2013-Israeli Art Exhibition ,Bank Hapoalim
2014-Israel Art –Exhibition,Bank Hapoalim
2014-Single exhib/Gallery Shorashim,Hecht House,Haifa
2015-Single exhib/ The Artist House,Tel-Aviv
2015- Group exhib/Gallery Zadik,Jaffa Tel-Aviv



my last series focused on Pine Cones . . . during that period I went through many changes in my personal life. While on vacation in Italy, I was astonished to see in front of my eyes, in the Vatican’s courtyard, a huge bronze statue from the third century AD. Also, the name given to the gland in the center of the brain is the Pine Cone Gland, which represents the Holy Pine Cone is the place where the third eye appears in ancient Egyptian scrolls. The Greek mystics walked around holding wood canes topped with Pine Cones, to facilitate communications with the gods. I was not aware of this information when I created the series. But it seems that this information is part of this unconscious human stockpile of symbols, which I share with the rest of humankind.