Arturo T Montoya

Arturo was born in Miami, Florida Venezuela an
He has had a natural artistic talent since a young age and during his college years received formal art training. Even though he was painting with different Medias such as oils, pastels and pencil since he was thirteen years old in Venezuela, he developed great interest in mixed media and acrylics from his college years to today.
For the past ten years, Montoya has been developing his artwork based on his fascination for Time travel and the dematerialization of his subjects by, expressing multilevel meanings and phases in time. As, he believes: A painting is a sequence of moments frozen in time. Therefore, never finished but only recorded as the last stroke is completed.
Although, Arturo is a licensed architect in the State of Florida with over twenty five years of experience in the field of architecture and has designed custom homes, commercial and educational facilities, he is now pursuing his artwork as well.
High school diploma: Instituto Escuela, Caracas, Venezuela- 1976
Bachelors in Architectural studies: University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1981
Master of Architecture: University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1984
State of Florida licenses: Architecture, Real Estate and Home inspections.
Publication: DIMENSIONS- Journal for Architecture and Planning July, 1981 Volume 2, number 3: Montoya’s Ink sketches of The Guadalajara Experience. Publication: DIMENSIONS- Journal for Architecture and Planning October, 1981 Volume 2, number 4: Ink drawing by Montoya for a cover on “A Biographical sketch of Bertram G. Goodhue” article. Exhibition: Spirit Del Art Gallery- October 15, 2009 Opening at Mary Brickell Village 900 South Miami Avenue, Florida. Exhibition: American Institute of Architects (AIA) Art by Design, June 12, 2010
Museo Vault, 346 NW 29 Street, Miami, Florida Exhibition: GoodBuddy space, Opening on March 18, 2011 at 410 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC Exhibition: New Professions Technical Institute (NPTI) Opening on July 8, 2011 at 4000 Flagler, Miami, Florida
Exhibition: Two paintings on Obrapia Gallery at 1648 SW 8 Street, Miami, Florida Permanent installation: Five paintings on Worth Galleries at 2520 SW 28 Lane, Miami, Florida Permanent Installation: Twenty five feet long wall, at the Lotus Garden, 318 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida
Best Painting award: IIDA International Interior Design Association Art by Design exhibition 2011 at Compass Office Solution Showroom, 3320 Enterprise Way, Miramar, Florida. October 14, 2011


Arturo T Montoya

Born to paint, thru time and forever

Awaken “Awaken”

A World claiming Christ thru Religion. Yet, a violent World. History of wars, creating the partial image of Jesus's right arm and head, at the cross.

Cuban waters “Cuban waters”

Immigrant crossing the sea in a converted 1950's Chevy escaping the dictator regimen

Foraken “Foraken”

So much Religion, but so much polarization and forgetting His message.

Soul of the beholder “Soul of the beholder”

Singer Shakira. He face inside her eye, as she is a prisoner of her own fame.

Tango to Mango “Tango to Mango”

The left over peal of a mango moving with a Tango couple dancing.

Mother of all roses “Mother of all roses”

The rose as the life of mother raising a son, as she is as beautiful as the most beautiful rose.

Time break “Time break”

The eternal expansion of the Universe, as the woman pushes the man to expand her space.

Portrait of American History “Portrait of American History”

Obama, his mother, father and others

Framed throughout Time “Framed throughout Time”

The more we believe, the more we see in the dark