Henrik Hytteballe

Henrik Hytteballe

Location: Denmark

Atmospheric colorist
Henrik Hytteballe creates stories on canvas. He is astonishingly vivid and superior in his balancing of numerous colors. Working tool is predominantly spatula on canvas and herein lies Hytteballes personal signature. He is a serious artist, and has long manifested himself as a composer and musician. What a trip and what a talent.


Dahab Suite

about our visit to Dahab, Egypt: It all started with a journey to Dahab in Egypt at Christmas and New Year 2013.
Before we left Dahab, Gitte and Henrik decided that this was plenty of inspiration for paintings reflecting the impressions that Dahab gives so generously.
The atmosphere by the coast in Dahab is so relaxed – Dahab seems to be where chill-out was invented. People are friendly and you feel safe and secure although many of the citizens in Dahab are living on a very small budget.
We enjoyed the wonderful corals in the Red Sea, riding on camels. After hiking in the red desert we had delicious tea at the Bedouins and experienced a fantastic sunset followed by an amazing full moon. We made together the Dahab Suite - a joint exhibition with paintings inspired by Dahab. Hereby a few of the Dahab paintings

Nordic Nature

The philosophy behind my paintings is that beauty is much more than we usually think. Experiences of beauty is not just sensory experiences of delicious forms. They can open the world in a way that we perceive dimensions that we may overlook. Beauty can define our understanding of ourselves and put the world in perspective. It makes us want to consider whether we live the way we really want to live our lives. Nature is one of my greatest inspiration