Anju Desai

Artist Anju Desai

Using flowing watercolors Anju captures from her heart the inner beauty of nature…from the warmth of India to the lushness of New Zealand…

A unique view from blending Indian and kiwi culture. Anju Visually captures the topic and pulls it into focus on paper and canvas, using brushes and other tactile tools. Inspired when walking, by pausing to ‘frame up’ a small flower, natures arrangement of colour or an aged fragment of time worn……

Her father left Anju with a love of nature & the ability to find inspiration in the world around her…

She has discovered & built lovely kiwi bond in her visual plethora. Indian born Anju was Highly Passionate about art from childhood…

A competent business women & flourishing artist, Anju has completed several exhibitions, painting workshop and art classes in her native India with great success.

Since arriving in New Zealand it has been Anju’s desire to continue to train others in drawing and painting. She is currently holding various classes all around Auckland as well as in her studio (Raindrop Art Studio) for younger and adult age groups.

Her successful exhibitions of August 2006, July 2007, December 2007,November 2010 and Solo exhibition presented by Youthline Manukau in April 2012 adds some bright strokes in Anju’s art journey
Raindrop Art Studio
Anju Desai


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