Location: France

Always alive

Last exhibit: GO WEST 1
Paris - U.N.E.S.C.O.
du 19 au 30 septembre 2011
7 Place de Fontenoy
75007 Paris
and after :
Houston, Texas - Williams Tower Gallery
du 27 octobre au 25 novembre 2011
2800 Post Oak Blvd, Houston- TX 77056
Etats Unis


last paintings

Since 2007 I work on the way of photo-pictorial realism (Unchecked naming)

The white jacket “The white jacket”

In the garden of the presbytery, it is the joyful and worldly life.
After the concert of "Tutti Flluti", quintet to the feminine of well removed flutists, since the bass until sopranos-no, a fine buffet is served.
Of course, me, who fell by pure there melodrama handles, I try at this moment to catch numerically this small cheerful sway in the crowd to make later a coquetèle on painting, so possible articulated well in its rustic flavour.
(Reverso translation)

2009 - Oil and wax on canvas 50 x 65 cms

Painting show “Painting show”

This how New Realities is exclusive: no representation. As a result, I found funny to make "represent" two of their said paintings "abstracted" in the pictorial space of my painting of imitation. In the final I think that the representational system is more including: an abstract painting which will intègrate representations of representational paintings would lose any "abstraction". A contrario, both informal paintings represented here become well and truly figurative representations. If you did not well follow me, it's not serious; consider quiet and forget my become conceited speech!
(Reverso translation)

2010 - Oil and wax on painting(cloth) 50 x 65 cms

Books “Books”

A small battery of books, a ray of light on a floor in oak and of heavy falling curtains of every sides of the threshold of a French window: if you find something furthermore to say on this painting, do not hesitate, I always wait with pleasure for your comments!
(Reverso translation)
2010 oil an wax on canvas 65 x 81 cms

In automobile “In automobile”

Werner is to the left, Aaron to the right in this old woman Wolkswagen. I am behind, person at a loose end just as much as transported. Then, I fix (scrutinize and immobilize) the landscape, which also contains this time two fine edges of portrait. And always the contrejour, this bright mockery...
(Reverso translation)
2010 oil and wax on canvas 50 x 60 cms

Room with TV “Room with TV”

I like hotel rooms. No matter the sight, because there is a TV. The TV speaks about the language of the country. It is the good company, that does not get angry when one do not understand it, or if we do not listen to it nor when we shut up it. In this room - here in Vienna - I shall like staying on one year, living the anonymous, peaceful and improductive life of an immovable traveler and without destination!
(Reverso translation)
2010 oil and wax on canvas 50 x 60 cms

Night in Montreuil “Night in Montreuil”

It is at the end of the street Molière, the tiny house of my wife, I can say it like that now that we are married. By a fenestron young at the top of the staircase, I often see this sight, in the sun, in the rain and even sometimes under the snow, with the same pleasure.
And there it is the night. This time so short where the sound sleep makes disparaitre the inhabitants in an artificial death. Things look finally quiet, without danger, as grips in a complicity of reassurance. But a suspicion of childhood in this found peace calls back the night-dismay of the first years...
(Reverso tranlation)
2009 oil and wax on canvas 50 x 65 cms

St-Lazare station “St-Lazare station”

This station is a kind of lock between Normandy and Paris. When I land there, I find my visions of the city: space complicated with bend because of alterations and repairs. We see inside out of the scenery hiding the place, the cables and the internal organs of pipes, blocked crossings, temporary progresses...
People rush in there with haste, without glances, without faces. Here steps are lost, as the time which is supposed to be for nothing, to wait that we are really returned somewhere, at home or in the job... Nevertheless, as airport, it is moving: it looks like it is going to take place anything imminent, augur it of a disaster? But not loudspeakers announce that delays, commonness chronicles in the world of the speed!
(Rverso translation)
2009 oil and wax on canvas 65 x 81 cms

Vernissage, 1 “Vernissage, 1”

The Titanic begins to tilt, but the guests realize nothing.
In fact it takes place at LOLevents, last year. But if I had a "tendency" for this representation, it is good for the instability. The precariousness of our jobs - I wanted to say our small roles - in the attractive skid of time...
(Reverso translation)
2010 oil on paper 30 x 40 cms