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guan yi

Location: China


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“Humans attempt to control substance while materials in turn controls humans. In a world
filled with excessive desires, technology and energy crises, we are confronted with a question.
What can we do?
I try to communicate with objects and living things with an equal heart through the most
primitive, ancient and simple form of artistic expression - painting. In my work I strive to
convey visual information from the natural world, material spiritualism and to make sure the
living things I work around are acknowledged, cherished and revered.
I make my work using propylene and water, paint and thinner, allowing it to flow over the
paper or canvas. When it is dry, I start all over again. During this repetition, the vision and
images, the consciousness and materials are all interactive until the last round is complete. The
natural flow of these materials, without any tampering controlling the substances properties,
reveals truth. My paintings are a spiritual experience and proof that in fact, each of us can
communicate with the gods, the universe, the earth, humanity, animals, plants and even stones
and dust. Because ultimately all these things are closely connected by origin and my painting is
an insight into this spiritual communication.”

Guan Yi
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