Arso Ivanovich

Arso's first exhibits started in 1969 in local Milwaukee art shows. His fame spread to the international art audience in the 70's. He has been a solo exhibited artist over 2 dozen times as well as participated in over 3 dozen collective art shows internationally over the past 40yrs. Arso is a featured artists in over 160 published news and magazine articles internationally. 28 books and encyclopedic publications, including Arso's exclusive limited edition monograph book, list and feature Arso's work for critiques and analysis. Arso is registered in American Art Who's Who 1995-2000 editions. Arso made TV appearance as featured artist in 1984, US Prime News as well as over 20 other television broadcasts internationally over the years. Also in 1984, at the New York World Art Expo the local presses chose Arso's artistic technique as the most interesting of the event. Arso has two master degrees and 84 additional credits what is close to obtaining Phd title


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