Carlos Alvarez Cotera

Born in La Havana, Cuba in 1966. Lived in Costa Rica for 4 years since the age of 14 and in the US since 1985.

At a very early age I became very interested in drawing and have never stopped since. As it turns out, this became the strongest foundation in becoming the artist I am today.

I have no formal training and I have not read any art books. My ability to do what I do comes from much experimenting, a lot of messing up, watching other artists and asking questions. I strongly believe in doing all of my work freehand and refuse to use any type of aids such as, tracing, grids, projectors and the like.

I have experimented with many different forms of art; from pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic and oil to jewelry making, working with clay and creating tile mosaics, plus a few other things in between, however, for the most part, I have concentrated mostly on painting in the last few years.

?I have been blessed to be able to dedicate my life to do that which I believe I was born to do; and I have been privileged to teach others for many years now. As a teacher, it is my goal to help others improve their ability to see; seeing that which has become second-nature to me.

In the last 16 years as a professional artist, I have owned and ran a Gallery/Frame shop; I have been represented by galleries, I have been part of many exhibits, been featured in may articles, my work is in private, public and corporate collections and I have won many awards. None of this is that important, it is here just to let you know a bit about my history.

As grateful as I am for everything, nothing matters more than the opportunity to use my art to express life and share it with others.


Pet Portraits

Pet portraits shown to encourage clients to commission artist to create a painting or drawing of their favorite pets.
Some are still available for sale, but must are not, since they were commissioned work.