Tiago Azevedo

Tiago Azevedo

Location: Germany


Tiago Azevedo is an artist born in the Azores Islands that graduated as an Architect. Currently he lives in Germany, and is dedicated to painting, illustration and architecture.

Art has always been his passion particularly baroque compositions executed with oil medium and classic technique. His favorite themes are always around Fantasy and Religion for it inspires him to transmit emotion.

Tiago has participated in a great number of exhibitions in many cities all over the world, like Paris, New York, Berlin and London.

He also helps other artists set their mind for a successful career and participate in important International Exhibits.


Tiago Azevedo


Adam And Eve “Adam And Eve”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. Adam and Eve is a part of my religious series inspired by sacral art and based on the Genesis book from the Bible.

The Snow Queen “The Snow Queen”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. Here the idea is to portray her as being the snow itself, as if there is no separation between her and the matter she controls.

Sleeping Beauty “Sleeping Beauty”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. In Dornroschen" aka Sleeping Beauty the idea is to capture her peaceful sleep and make you not want to disturb her.

The Frog King “The Frog King”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. The Frog King is part of a series of 10 called Marchen. The idea for this one is to capture a balance between acceptance and insatisfaction in her expression.

Cinderella “Cinderella”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. Cinderella is a painting integrated in a series of 10 and cover of the upcoming book, inspired by the Brothers Grimm Stories.

The 6th Swan “The 6th Swan”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. This painting is inspired by the story “The Six Swans”, here the idea is to get that precise moment where he morphs into a swan.

The Two Sisters “The Two Sisters”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. These are the characters from the story Frau Holle.

The Creation “The Creation”

100cm x 70cm Oil on Canvas. In The Creation the idea is portray The Virgin Mary as having a part in the Creation of the World linking her back to Mother Goddess belief.

The Praying Virgin “The Praying Virgin”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. This painting is integrated in a serie of 10 called Religion

The Hare “The Hare”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. Te Hare belongs to a small series of albino animal portraits where I aim to express the intensity of their personalities

Little Fairy “Little Fairy”

70cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas. In Little Fairy the idea for this one is to capture the moment right after a the fairy is born and her first flight rise.