Tjeerd Doosje

Math teacher by profession but also an amateur photographer since 2012.
I'm a selftaught photographer who started in 2012 with mini-photoshoots at my school in collaboration with a make-up artist. I enjoyed this so much that I wanted to start my own photostudio but unfortunately I did not succeed in this and after six years I've given up.
My images have been published in "The Exposure Award: The Portraiture Collection" (2015), "Lacey Summer Arts Prize" (London, 2016), "Inspiration: International Art Book" (2016, 2017, 2018) and "Circle Quarterly Magazine" (Fall, 2017) and will be published in "International Contemporary Artist" (2017) and "First Berliner Art Book" (2018, 2019).
I've had two digital exhibitions at Murcia, Spain (2014) and The Louvre, Paris, France (2015) and also a physical exhibition as being a finalist in an international contemporary art competition at the O.X.O. Tower, London, England (2016).
A photo was finalist in the Global Art Awards 2018, Dubai, UAE.
I'm represented by M.A.D.S. Gallery Milano, Italy, and Art Productions New York, U.S.A.


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