Megan Vun Wong

megan vun wong

Location: Canada

Megan Vun Wong is from Canada and is an international, published, award-winning visual artist. A recipient of a number of Arts Council Grants, she graduated from York University in Toronto, achieving her Masters Degree in Fine Arts. Vun Wong was awarded the Gissur Eliasson Scholarship and the Isbister Scholarship upon completion of her Undergraduate Degree from the University of Manitoba.

A philosophical painter, Vun Wong has been painting for over 25 years in the Abstract Expressionistic genre. Her preferred medium today has been enamel paint which she gesturally applies onto her canvasses and, more recently, her unique plexiglass constructions. Her artworks speak of the vagaries, the vicissitudes of life while reaffirming the mystery that is life.

Her present project involves work that pertains to the attainment and lifetime process of self-actualization.

Selected for Canadian Contemporary Art Database:

2019: Solo Show: Vicissitude @ Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg,MB
2018: 100 Painters of the Future Publication
2018: International Contemporary Artists VOL XI, ICA Publishing
2018: Contemporary Paintings @ Monaco Yacht Show, Monte Carlo
2018: Contemporary Curated @ Lake Como, Italy
2017: Digital Exhibition at MONACO YACHT SHOW, Monte Carlo
2017: Solo Show @ Artifact gallery in New York City
2016: Curated Contemporary Art – Carrousel du Louvre/and Galerie Thuiller, Paris, France
2016: Selected for Art Expo New York, April, 2016
2015: Spectrum, Miami
2014: Timeless Award Honouring ‘Creativity and Excellence in the Arts’ by Arttour International
2014: Selected to be in ARTTOUR INTERNATIONAL – 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2014
2013: Invitation to exhibit POOL ART FAIR, New York, March
2012: Awarded exhibition at BASIL MIAMI, December
2011: ‘Snowboarder On A Sunny Slope’ , enamel on canvas painting, selected by Canadian Sports Manitoba, an organization that supports Olympic and Paralympic Athletes, to be made into limited edition fine art prints, as its major fundraiser.

.National Postal Museum; Canadian Museum of Civilization
.Canada Arts Council Bank
.Manitoba Arts Council Bank
.Winnipeg Art Gallery Sales/Rental
.Private and Public Collections: Gem Equities Land Developers; Warkentin Wealth Management;
Manitoba Hydro


competition, ends August 25, 2016

The art of Vun Wong signifies the ineluctability of change – All things, everywhere, are in flux. Ever-evolving. She uses enamel paint gesturally applied to plexi panels which are cut and shaped, that are then assembled together creating an art form that is original, exciting and representative of ultra-contemporary art.
Also of importance is her companion work where the enamel paint- which had been used to create the plexi-constructions - has dripped, dropped and dried, becoming encrusted on objects resting on her studio floor. These objects - brilliantly-coloured, glossy gems of time are encorporated into a work alluding to the constant transformation that perpetually prevails on all things, everywhere.