Beatrix Rohlsen

Born in Austria, raised in Germany, Beatrix Rohlsen now lives in Santa Barbara, California
As an abstract painter, her works is known for it’s visionary and mystical style through the use of oils, acrylics and the palette knife.

She has shown her works in single artist exhibitions as well participated in many group exhibitions in the USA. Her works has been recognized by
collectors and belongs to private collections..
She has been selected to show some of her works in the Art Book “International Contemporary Master VI “ Important World Artists , coming out soon in October 2012.
In her published book “The Art of Taste” she combines her gourmet vegetarian recipes with her paintings and her poetry.

“Beatrix Rohlsen's abstract paintings suggest the traditions of both American Abstract Expressionism and German expressionist painting, bringing to mind the work of Hans Hoffmann and Gerhard Richter. The paintings feature layers of bold color and contain both mystery, through a suggestion that much more lies beneath the surface, and revelation - in the outright beauty of the brushstrokes. "The works defy easy categorization, reflecting the artist's own journey and experience of the world, while suggesting Rorschach dream studies, where we might discover something from our own inner lives.”-- Kevin Wallace Director of Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, Ojai, CA, Curator and Author.

"What I like most about painting is that a brush stroke can change anything in a magical way, opening doors to a world of endless opportunities.”


Shape Shifting

Shape Shifting “Shape Shifting”

oil on canvas
36"x 36"inches

Oasis “Oasis”

Oil on canvas
36"x 48" inches

Sacred Cenote “Sacred Cenote”

oil on canvas
48"x 60" inches


My new series "Transition" reflects personal and worldly changes. "Transition" moves through different stages which are build onto each other.
Through brushstroke, palette knife and the use of color it shows the diversity of emotions evoked by transition.

Focal Point “Focal Point”

acrylic on canvas
48"x 48" inches

In Transition “In Transition”

acrylic on canvas
36"x 48" inches

Change “Change”

acrylic + oil on canvas
48"x 48" inches

Opportunities “Opportunities”

acrylic on canvas
36"x 48" inches