Bianca De Gier

I work with acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Inspiration I get from images and texts on tv, newssites and internet. Often my work has a touch of absurdism, cynicism and is somewhat subversive. For a few years now I’m working on the series The Four Seasons. 24/7 we’re overwhelmed by information through the media. I like to catch these images, pause for a moment an think. I combine & associate.
Educated at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague(the Netherlands) (1985-1990) and the Free Academy in Rotterdam.
I live and work in Oudebildtzijl in the Netherlands.


The Four Seasons

The work is based at the same time on the research and the practice of painting, by unveiling the reflection, the intimate reaction of global communications and of the contemporary information flow and by investigating the thin connection between individual and collective memory.

All the works are mixed media on canvas - 24 x 30 cm

Once Upon A Time

The project `Once Upon A Time` is about the disappearing tradition of the storytellers of Jemaa el Fna (Marrakech/Morocco), who used to travel ,storytelling, from town to town. Later on they also enriched us telling the stories of 1001 nights.
Storytellers grow old and die and not many young people are interested in taking over the tradition. Besides that, nowadays there are other forms of newsgathering like tv,internet, facebook etc.
In the project I combine this old disappearing tradition with the world of today.
A rich source for inspiration for the project was the book ´The Last Storytellers´ by David Hamilton. (Quote from Hamilton: ‘ storytellers providing a window on the world, like an early form of newsmedia’)
The project consists of 5 photoprints, 167 x 200 cm each.
Each print has its origine in a mixed media work on canvas.

The work was made for and shown at the Biennale of Marrakech 2016