Nadia Rapti

Nadia Rapti

Location: Greece

Nadia Rapti is an artist currently living and working in Athens, Greece. She received her degree in Architecture from National Technical University of Athens (2002) and a Master’s degree in Design Studies from Graduate School of Design, Harvard University (2004).

Painting has always been her passion from early childhood. She is a self taught painter, and since 2013, has been professionally painting and has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her work has been selected by foreign curators and has been published and promoted extensively.


Bodies in action

I admire athletes’ persistence, their diligence for the everyday workout and their concentration the moment of the game. I get inspiration from photographs of athletes working out or competing as a team, group or unit. I try to capture and depict in my paintings the stiffness and strength of their bodies, the tension of the moment as well as the effort and the concentration that the moment requires.
I often choose to place my figures on a very plain and minimal surrounding and emphasize on the painted bodies or faces. Everything on the painting: shapes, colors, figures, surrounding are carefully intended and calculated. I even omit to paint their clothing so the painting overall will be characterized by an austerity almost a “Spartan austerity”.

Absorbed in the sunset “Absorbed in the sunset”

Acrylics on pre-stretched cotton canvas 60x60x3cm.


Absorbed “Absorbed”

Acrylic paint on a70x100 pre-stretchedcotton canvas.

Figure in dark “Figure in dark”

Acrylic paint on 65x90cm pre-stretched linen canvas.

Figure in light “Figure in light”

Acrylic paint on a 65x90 cm pre-stretched linen canvas.

Sailing time “Sailing time”

Acrylics on pre-stretched cotton canvas 90x120cm

The Hug “The Hug”

Acrylic paint on pre-stretched cotton canvas 80x100cm