Patricia Concha

Patricia Concha

Location: Australia

I'm an emerging artist and my art medium is drawing, etching and painting.
My style is line and abstract art.
I have been a finalist in various art prizes in Sydney and first place winner in the 2015 Women's International Art Prize, Ryde NSW.
I have also been a finalist, third place winner and honourable mention in the monochromatic and open art prizes for the online International Gallery of the Arts (IGA), 2015 & 2016.
I have participated in several group art exhibitions in Sydney, 2014-2017.


Patty's Zesty Fantasy Art

My artwork is abstract and fantasy.
The medium is ink, textured pens & watercolour or acrylic paint.

Electra Safari “Electra Safari”

A colourful nature & landscape drawing.
First place winner of 2015 Women's International Art prize, Ryde NSW.

A Woman “A Woman”

A tattooed woman full of life & pride

All that Jazz “All that Jazz”

An abstract painting that expresses my love of jazz dance.
My painting has many layered textures done with a palette knife, stencils and scraper.

Biotic Synthesis “Biotic Synthesis”

Made with ink & textured pens.
It depicts molecular nature.

The Gateway “The Gateway”

An abstract drawing capturing a gateway to Mars, in tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars book series.

Fantasy women portraits

Ink and coloured pencils of women drawings on bamboo & mixed media art paper.
I drew these faces from my imagination.
The drawing backgrounds have line art designs.

Out of the Blue “Out of the Blue”

Ink and blue coloured pencils. Used a geometric stencil for background.
The drawing captures hope & acceptance.

Lucky sunshine “Lucky sunshine”

Ink & yellow coloured pencils.
Background has miniture drawings.
The women portrays strength & need for adventure.

The Empress “The Empress”

Ink & Copic textuured pens.
The woman expresses gaiety and culture.

Feeling Groovy “Feeling Groovy”

Ink and red & pink coloured pencils.
The woman captures the 60's era.

The Lost Lenore “The Lost Lenore”

An acrylic paint and acrylic ink painting on canvas.
What inspired me was Edgar Allan Poe's poem, The Lost Lenore".

The Bohemian “The Bohemian”

An acrylic painting with acrylic inks.
It captures being free, unconventional, carefree and immersed in in the arts.

The Woman Generator “The Woman Generator”

This ink drawing expresses a woman who generates energy and love of life and nature. A woman in balance between the world of technology and the world of nature.
It was a finalist of the online International Gallery of the Arts (IGA) monochromatic art prize, 2015.

Who am I? (2) “Who am I? (2)”

Ink drawing capturing a woman part human and part robot.

Zesty series

The Zesty series consists of ink abstract art, having various intricate line designs.
The artwork includes some stencils and stamp artwork.

Zesty 1 “Zesty 1”

A ink flower line art.

Zesty 2 “Zesty 2”

Ink abstract city/landscape.

Zesty 3 “Zesty 3”

Ink abstract object.

Zesty 4 “Zesty 4”

Abstract line object and background design.

Zesty 5 “Zesty 5”

Blue and light green ink abstract city/landscape.

Zesty 6 “Zesty 6”

Coloured pencils abstract.

Zesty 7 “Zesty 7”

Abstract landscape.

Zesty 8 “Zesty 8”

Geometric abstract design.

Zesty 9 “Zesty 9”

Sienna ink abstract city/landscape.

Zesty 10 “Zesty 10”

Interactive abstract line art designs.
Use of stencils and stamps.