Alan Bianchi

Alan Bianchi

Location: Italy

Alan Bianchi (aka) BeeAnKee was born in 1971; he began very early to explore oil paint, acrylic, and sculpture. Over the years he got closer to theatre and became an actor, director and scenographer, activities that enable a continuous experimentation and exploration of media and artistic techniques that deeply inform his expressive identity. He uses multiple materials including iron, wood, cloth and of recycled materials. Alan lives and works in Rome.


Mix Media

Fishing Fragments “Fishing Fragments”

Little pot fragments collected during different daytrips in the Roman surroundings and then guarded on a tin box, are the row material used by Alan Bianchi to compose his artwork.

An Improper use of the Heart “An Improper use of the Heart”

Street Art Project for University of Cosenza


Heart made of iron and paper
H: 70 In x L: 31 In

Heart Chronicles “Heart Chronicles”

Heart made of iron and paper standing on a concrete base

Lighting Sculptures

A collection of lighting sculptures and installations made with recycled materials, raw materials as iron, wood , paper, fabric and mix media.
"When I look at an object I like to think that it could had been a somebody'e else dream.I try to imagine him while creating it, his thoughts and his mind ; it is a game.

Invisible “Invisible”

The internal wire netting is covered in cotton white jute processed with stiffen matters like epoxy resin and vinyl glue. Lighting can be managed by a pot that handles the vertical led from which nine light mouths branch off, on their turn adjustable by three switches apart; this mechanism allows to select three by three lights.
The lighting sculpture is provided also with a on/off main pedal switch .
H: 110 In – base : 19 In – max 19 In

Babel “Babel”

The iron structure is enriched by other materials like wood and gauze; LED lighting can be adjusted by a potentiometer located at the base of the lamp, this last one mangeable thanks to the contribution of some universal joints linked together.

H: 106 In. – base 19 In.- L.: max 19 In

Bottle Lamp “Bottle Lamp”

5 lt.Glass bottle with bended copper wire as stay for the internal pipe in recycled copper; iron and copper lampshade.
Electric cable upholstered with stranded canvas and equipped with luminous intensity regulator.
H: 17In – L. max 7In.

Heart Chronicles “Heart Chronicles”

A 3D heart made of iron and paper
H:118 In x 35 In x 35 In

Hostile “Hostile”

Lamp made of bended iron wire, branches, recycled materials and electric cable covered in red weaving.
H: 47 In. – base 18 x 18 In. – L.: max 43 In.

Spiral “Spiral”

Blended copper one-pipe, woven iron wire, synthetic clay, recycled materials. Cable upholstered with stranded canvas an luminous intensity regulator. H 45 In. – Base L. max 18 In.

Gas Pipe Lamp “Gas Pipe Lamp”

Disused gas pipe on recycled wooden stay equipped with original ceramic switch . H 15 In- Base 7x7x In.

Medusa - Jelly Fish “Medusa - Jelly Fish ”

A glass mason jar, alluminium net , iron wire, cotton lint , acrylic colour
A tribute to the sea , to its colours and reflections.

Mazzini “Mazzini”

A glass mason jar with the map of "Piazza Mazzini", Rome

Lobster “Lobster”

A glass mason jar, alluminium net , iron wire, cotton lint , acrylic colour
Another tribute to the sea , to its colours and reflections.


A "MACRO CUORE", a Macro Heart made of iron and yuta.
Sentences written on by female detained in Rebibbia Prison, Rome -
A gift of the artist for these women and mothers detained

H:118 in x L: 70 in