Orfhlaith Egan

Orfhlaith Egan

Location: Germany

Orfhlaith (pronounced 'Orla') Egan is an Irish artist based in Berlin since 2014.

Having completed a degree in History of Art at Trinity College Dublin in 1999, Orfhlaith embarked on her Grand Tour around the world for 14 years before moving to Germany to focus on her art full-time.

As a member of WÜS Artists Co-operative, Atelier WÜS Mierendorffplatz Berlin, Orfhlaith paints commissions and her own collections while also collaborating on group works.

While proficient in pencil, ink, chalk pastel, charcoal, and watercolor, Orfhlaith is concentrating her creative energy on acrylic painting and developing a cohesive collection.

Orfhlaith is a local artist inspired by the landscape of the west of Ireland where she grew up and the colorful urban environment of Berlin. Josef Albers, Paul Henry, David Hockney, Edward Hopper, Frank Gehry, Bob Quinn, Sean Scully and Georgia O'Keefe are some of the artists Orfhlaith is influenced by and draws inspiration from.

Visits to Orfhlaith's studio are welcome. Please email or call for an appointment.

Orfhlaith is also an art consultant for Art Gallery Z, Nürnburgerstr. 19, 10789 Berlin.