Suzi Trubitz

Artist Suzi Trubitz may have been called an alchemist in another time. With her sculpture, she is seemingly able to transmute hard, cold, lifeless metal into entirely different elements. Using a variety of self-taught techniques, her deft touch transforms large sheets of stainless steel into delicate linen and lace, a coffee stained letter home, intricately detailed portraits or vibrant abstracts dancing with color, light and energy.
Inspired by the world around her Serendipity Studio in the desert hills of California, Trubitz takes both materials and patterns found in nature, and combines the organic elements such as wood or bone with glass, mirror, copper, bronze, and steel. Using welders, plasma torches, and grinders, Trubitz manipulates the unforgiving steel with heat, flame and force until it is reborn with soft curves, new colors and textures or sophisticated, graceful patterns. She then marries the metal with natural elements, mirrors and colored bits of glass as she creates layers of leaves, lines of poetry, streams of blossoms and multidimensional collages which balance sound, pattern and color, intimacy and intelligence.
A self-professed student of life, who lives and creates with intense conviction and freedom, Suzi Trubitz was born in New York and grew up a “city girl.” She attended Parsons School of Design and Boston University of Fine Arts and worked as a Madison Avenue art director, and is now settled in the hills of California.
Her works have been seen in numerous galleries and museums across the country and in a plethora of corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Israel, and have also appeared in movies and on television.


Stainless Steel Pieces

Wisdom of the Deep is a stainless steel piece that has been burnt by my torch both front & back to create a feeling of ancient ruins.

Stainless Steel Art Pieces

My stainless pieces are all hand cut in my studio. The pieces that are drawn are done with my torch also by hand.
My works are created to be visually beautiful but also to have many layers of concepts behind them therefore making them continually fascinating.