Lou Marek

Professional fine artist, designer, muralist, faux finisher, set designer, magazine designer, art director, ad agency owner, commercial tv director, film director. High School of Art & Design, School of Visual Arts, Art Student league, Pratt Institute. Work in the permanent collection of the Boston Museum, commission work from New York CIty to Denver to LA. Private, corporate and non-profit collections, Peter Norton private collection, Client lists from Movie and TV celebrities to Producers and directors. Work in national magazines such as Architectural Digest, Country Home A few on camera appearances on HGTV.


Western Art

Including new work on The Battle Of Little Big Horn

Greasy Grass Ridge “Greasy Grass Ridge”

The Native Americans call the Little Big Horn Greasy Grass Ridge

Greasy Grass Ridge A “Greasy Grass Ridge A”

Part of the series in development

Trail of Tears “Trail of Tears”

Marquettes for final work in WED clay

Commanche “Commanche”

The only survivor of Custer's group Little Big Horn.

Texas - Rio Grand “Texas - Rio Grand”

This was shown at the Autry museum in Los Angeles. Original was sold through the Fischbach gallery NYC

No More Buffalo “No More Buffalo”

part of my The Last Buffalo

Threading the needle “Threading the needle”

Image is grandma watching granddaughter threading a sewing needle.

Cynthia “Cynthia”

Kidnapped rescued escaped. Mother of Quannah Parker


Pet, work, wild

Pals “Pals”

Commission by owner of his beloved Joshua the Golden Retriever

Westminster Champion “Westminster Champion”

Owner commissioned

Polo Champion “Polo Champion”

Owner/Breeder commissioned Argentina World Cup ridden by #1 player Adolpho Campioso

Chucker “Chucker”

A chucker is a quarter of a polo match Acrylic private collection.

Howie “Howie”

A commissioned watercolor

Snowbird “Snowbird”

Acrylic part of waterfall series.

Rosie&Lilly “Rosie&Lilly”


Sunday polo “Sunday polo”

commissioned by the Santa Barbara polo club.

Old English Bulldog “Old English Bulldog”

Sold through Lake Arrowhead Gallery prints available.

Perigrin Falcon “Perigrin Falcon”

Acrylic gift to then Vice President Al Gore.

Frenchie family “Frenchie family”

Commissioned Dad, Mom, Daughter.

A Frenchie Cafe “A Frenchie Cafe”

Commission French Bulldog breeder

Chucker “Chucker”

Santa Barbara Polo Club

wolf “wolf”

Canadian rockies

Westie “Westie”


Betty Davis Eyes “Betty Davis Eyes”

Commissioned Pet Portrait

Chow “Chow”


Hummers “Hummers”



Garden Faries “Garden Faries”

Commission from a friend in Belgium of her only child in the back yard garden her favorite mystery place to sit,

Temptations “Temptations”

Comment on pedeophiles. Scratchboard.

The Romp In Firenze “The Romp In Firenze”

Study of clients child outside their apartment building in Florence, Italy. And their two Greyhound pups.

Madonna in Mar Vista “Madonna in Mar Vista”

Client with her only child. Watercolor

Reading in Balmoral Scotland “Reading in Balmoral Scotland”

Original watercolor sold in my gallery in Lake Arrowhead, California. It is also of my wife and it was at 10 pm.

Polo Player “Polo Player”

My client at the Santa Barbara Polo Club.

The Modeler “The Modeler”

Private collection

Tuscan Slumber “Tuscan Slumber”

Watercolor private collection. Prints available.

Boudoir “Boudoir”

commission for client - pen & ink.

Count of Monte Christo “Count of Monte Christo”

Acrylic sold in Lake arrowhead gallery

The Diner “The Diner”

Commission for event space in Manhattan.

Pin Ups “Pin Ups”

This is a 20' painting on canvas for the event space in Manhattan. Same client as The Diner.

Masai “Masai”


Combined portrait of long married couple “Combined portrait of long married couple”

Watercolor - Portrait of long married couple

Old Friends (2) “Old Friends (2)”

Part of a new series OLD FRIENDS


cityscapes, landscapes, seascapes. Travels and domestic. Fantasy and on sight Plein aire.

West Texas “West Texas”

This was shown at the Autry museum in Los Angeles.

Holy Water “Holy Water”

Commission from an LA Yogi .

Multinah Falls “Multinah Falls”

Part of my waterfall series imagined without the bridge.

A Bali Breakfast “A Bali Breakfast”

Private collection

Haarlem Reeds “Haarlem Reeds”

Private commission.

Heeland Pines “Heeland Pines”

Private collection

Venice canal “Venice canal”

Part of a series of quick watercolors that was in contention for the rooms at a Hong Cong hotel.

La Jolla from above “La Jolla from above”

When I lived there for a year I painted a number of watercolors. Private collection.

Balmoral backyard “Balmoral backyard”

We stayed in the grounds of Balmoral castle in Balmoral Scotland, where I did a number of paintings.

Pier shadows “Pier shadows”

In La Jolla near Scripps.

Greasy Grass Aftermath “Greasy Grass Aftermath”

One in a series of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

River Home “River Home”

part of my work on waterfalls.

Venice Melody “Venice Melody”

Venice Grand Canal

Calloden battlefield “Calloden battlefield”

Calloden Scotland.

Balmoral castle “Balmoral castle”

Balmoral Scotland

Balmoral 2 “Balmoral 2”

Balmoral castle

Life is a Birch “Life is a Birch”

Balmoral Scotland


Mural Mural On The Wall operated in LA from '93 to 2006.

Parking “Parking”

Owner parked his Jaqs .

Symantec commission “Symantec commission”

Peter Norton owner of Norton Symantec commission this interior 7'x7' mural for his offices in Santa Monica, CA.

child's nursery “child's nursery”

My granddaughter's nursery art directed by daughter in law.

Jungle “Jungle”

retaining wall


Marina Del Rey - Ketchum ad agency in the iconic binocular building.

Van Gogh in Dining room “Van Gogh in Dining room”

Part of a series of interior murals for a home in Westwood CA and featured on HGTV's Awesome Interiors.

Toulous Bathroom “Toulous Bathroom”

SIR - Studio Instrument Rentals the nations largest rental recording facilities. Main office in Hollywood.
My work was featured in a documentary on Hollywood.

Jumping Masai “Jumping Masai”

This mural was so well received client commissioned a large oil painting of same subject.

Tile Kitchen “Tile Kitchen”

One of a number of hand painted tile commissions

Fireplace “Fireplace ”

for actress on Days of our lives

Hallway of Dogs “Hallway of Dogs”

Commission / HGTV