Donald R Shelar

Donald Shelar is a self-taught artist from the New River area of Southwest Virginia. Coming from a line of natural born talents in many fields, Donald started drawing at a young age, even before he could say his ABC’s. What started as a hobby to pass the time has become a life-long passion for bringing beauty into the world with his art, allowing his subjects to be at peace. While they're hand-drawn and oil-based images of wild and domestic animals, he is also expanding into other topics, such as family members, places, and nature.

Donald's art has been featured in various online sites as well as fairs and festivals in the New River Valley. He is currently one of 64 artists participating in the 2019 New River Art Biennial at the Moss Center in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is also one artist on display in September 2019 at Clayton visual arts center in Raleigh N.C.


Johnny's Spirit Watching

This was an oil painting that was done in my cousin honor. His name was Johnny Williams he past away in 2004. I did this piece on how i seen his spirit. It was done with Winsor and Newton oil paint, on a 24"x30" canvas.

King of the Mountain “King of the Mountain”

This is a piece I did on a 30"x36"x2" duck cotton canvas. I used all professional artist oil paints. This piece is of a mountain lion coming to meet the morning. Watching the fog burn off his domain fall of the year.

Walking in Paradise

This is a piece i did of a elephant at Asheboro Zoo in N.C. I paint animals at are zoo and place them open. I used Winsor Newton oil paint on 24"x30" canvas.

Tammys lion

This is a drawing i did of a male lion. He was relaxing by a tree at Asheboro Zoo. I feel i he need to free on paper. This took me about 5 month to get it the way i wanted it. I used Drewent graphite pencils on 400 series paper. The original is 18"x24" but with matt and frame it 24"x30". It was name after my wife. She took the picture.

Majestic lady

This was a piece i did thinking about a Italy artist that works with mask. I think my wife like his work better. But, he is good. I did this piece using winsor Newton professional oil paint, on 18"x24"x2". I stretch this canvas myself using a gallery wrap.

A loving family

This is a piece i of a family of gorilla at Asheboro Zoo. It was amazing how they came and set down like they did. My wife took a picture of this and i drawed it. I changed the surroundings to make them look my free. On this piece i used Drewent graphite pencils on 400 series paper. The original is on 18"x24" paper. With the matting and frame its 24"x30"

Lone Wolf

This is a piece i did on a 24"x30"x2" frame. I used duck cotton canvas. Its of a face of a grey wolf. I want to focus just on the face in this piece. I used Winsor Newton, M.Graham and Gramblin professional oil paints.

Commissions artwork

I have a free membership so it won't let me upload anymore images. Please go to to see all my work. Thank you Donald Shelar