Kokkalis Panos

Kokkalis Panos

Location: Greece

Contact information
Panos Kokkalis
/Athens Greece
Email address: panosko@gmail.com
web site: http://panoskokkalis.weebly.com

Personal information
Panos Kokkalis was born in Athens.
He studied at the at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Dimitri Mytara, Papaspyrou R. and G. Arvanitis and in 1995 he received his Bachelor degree.
He continued his studies in Scenography, at the Athens School of Fine Arts, under V. Vasiliadis and G. Ziakas.
From 1994 he has been teaching Art .
He has participated in many group exhibitions and his works belong to collectors, corporations and individuals.
· International Association of Art (I.A.A)
· Chamber of Fine Arts
· Fine Arts Alumni Association

International Awards/ Distinctions..................................................................................

1· International Emerging Artist Award (Dubai 2013)

· ArtSlant Worldwide (Chicago, U.S.A 2013)
2- 1st 2013 Showcase Winner of the painting Category
3- 2nd 2013 Showcase Winner of the painting-II Category

2015 Greek landscape, MEGARO GYZI , Santorini (from collector Meletis fikioris)

2015 Three generations of Greek Painting, Gallery of Contemporary Art Collections Ch. & S.. Moschandreou (Athenian public, Gallery )

2014 Summer group exibition (Skoufa Gallery-Mykonos)

2013 Contemporary Greek Art Exhibition, Creative Arts Centre, Sanghai, China

2012 Summer group exibition (Skoufa Gallery-Kolonaki)

2012 Panos Kokkalis ”People is the answer...” (Skoufa Gallery-Kolonaki) >download katalogos2-kokkalis.pdf

2011 ”Group partners -Christmas” (Skoufa Gallery-Kolonaki)

2010 ”Sea Aroma”, MEGARO GYZI FESTIVAL, Santorini

2009 The human form in modern art, EETE, ΤECHNOPOLIS, Gazi, Athens

2009 6 new artists “summertime Breeze” (Eikastikes anazitisis Gallery)

2009 Across the way (Ash in Arts), Athens

2003 ”ΙΟLI”, group exhibition

2002 Road to the west, Institution οf Μajor Hellenism

1995 7 New painters, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens

1995 3rd Heineken ART ΄95, Athens

1994 ASFA graduates, National Gallery, Athens