Vedat Ors

Vedat Ors

Location: Turkey



Vedat Örs was born in 1961 in Usak. In 1984 he graduated from Ankara University. Including New York Syracuse, Paris and Prague exhibitions, he has had almost thirty solo exhibitions so far. Between 2003-2006 he worked in his own studio in Paris. He participated in the international workshops organized by Summart in Moldova and Pennsylvania. He is currently the president of Artemis, International Culture and Art Association. Vedat Örs continues to produce artworks in Istanbul.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 Gallery Soyut, ANKARA
2014 Art Safari, Prag
2014 Gallery Patricia Milano, Prag
2013 Galeri Bonart, İstanbul
2012 V ART Gallery, Interactive Exhibition
2012 Galeri Soyut,Ankara
2012 V sanat , İstanbul
2011 Gallery EN, İzmir
2010 Terakki Vakfı Art Gallery, İstanbul
2010 Art Show 2010,İstanbul
2009 Art Show 2009,İstanbul
2008 Gallery soyut,Ankara
2008 Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul
2008 Art Show 2008, Istanbul
2007 Anka Art Gallery, ArtIstanbul 2007, Istanbul
2007 Ares Art House, Artist 2007, Tüyap - Istanbul
2006 ahk Çağla Cabaoğlu Art Gallery
2006 6. Ankara Art Fair, Ares Art House
2006 Gallery Artist Fulya, Istanbul
2005 Summart USA Painters Campus America
2005 Ankart Sanat Fuarı Ankara
2005 le centre culturel anatolie de paris Paris
2005 Ares Art House,Istanbul
2004 Art Chisinau Painters Campus Moldova
2004 TÜYAP Art Fair,Istanbul
2004 ANKART Art Fair,Ankara
2003 TÜYAP Art Fair,Istanbul
2003 İlayda Art Gallery, Ankara
2002 Artium Art Gallery, Ankara
2001 Hadigari Art Gallery, Bodrum
2001 Valor Art Gallery, Ankara
2000 Art House Ares, Istanbul
1999 Piano & Piano Art Gallery, Ankara
1999 Art House Cati, Istanbul
1998 Piano & Piano Art Gallery, Ankara
1997 HYB Bilkent Art Gallery, Ankara
1996 Milo Art Gallery, Ankara
1996 Agora Art Gallery, SYR New York
1995 Milo Art Gallery, Ankara
1995 Icel Art Club, Mersin
1992 Turkish - American Association, Ankara
1991 Ankara Association of Art, Ankara
1991 Akbank Farabi Art Gallery, Ankara
Selected Group Exhibitions
2008 "Engraving Workshop - 2008" Ortaköy Art Gallery, Istanbul
2007 Maltepe Art Center, Artist 2007, Tüyap-Istanbul
2000 United Painters and Sculptors Association, Ist.
1996 Contemporary Turkish Painting, Ankara
1996 The 56th State Painting Exhibition, Ankara