Christian Di Fraia Narciso

Christian Di Fraia Narciso

Location: Italy

Christian Di Fraia in art Narcissus was born on 22/03/1978 in Pozzuoli (Na), a small town that looks so impressive sea.
Raised in a difficult social environment that led him to isolate himself and to express his personality from childhood through drawing stating the remarkable dispositions for art.
He studied at the Art School of Pozzuoli.Here's State who begins to have a passion for art history, which gives him the possibility of being able to fall in love viscerally two great contemporary artists Masters: Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol from which is affected artistically.
Graduating with honors and during the period of his studies he created works which he then left in donation to the Institute.
His life suddenly is deeply marked by a death that alienates him from every form of art for nearly 10 years.

It defines borderline artist, his art is provocatoria..dove his subjects more often explicit references giving the viewer the opportunity to be able to pick up his (that of Narcissus) perspective, which is nothing but. .Iperrealismo.
A multifaceted artist tries to merge in his works, Surrealism and Pop Art; ranging from graphic design, painting, sculpture puts his subjects in psychedelic and metaphysical contexts.
He is currently experimenting with various mixed media collage with the use of ink pens and acrylic-based gel.
He is participating in group exhibitions and art awards.
Certificates / Awards

major exhibitions:
Competition C.Monet: Lights and shadows in Dolceacqua 2016
Prize San Marco Palazzo Albrizzi Capello Venezia 2016
TheArtbox.Project 1.0 Miami Florida
Competition La Stampa: The sunday painters for Artissima Torino


my works

Dali _land “Dali _land”

A tribute Salvador Dali and Gala