Ted Grambeau

ted grambeau

Location: Australia

Bio:  just + water
Ted Grambeau is a world-renowned active lifestyle, surf and adventure photographer. Shooting Advertising, Fashion and Action in some of the most remote regions on this planet for the last 30 years. Ted’s commercial clients include industry leaders Apple, Ripcurl, Redbull, Quiksilver, Billabong, BMW and Patagonia to just name a few. Exploring extreme surf breaks in the most unlikely area’s including Iceland to Russia, Mozambique to Madagascar. With a formal photographic background from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, and assisting legendary Magnum photographer Burt Glinn, in New York, Ted has developed his style from a solid technical foundation. This, combined with the influence of photojournalism has resulted in live action situation shots. As such, he has become somewhat of a location expert. With many years of experience gained from photographing the surf deep within the impact zone, Ted now translates this technical knowledge to the world of advertising, fashion and fine art photography in the realms of water.


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