Kirill Opukhly

Kirill Opukhly was born in 1961. In 1982 he graduated Moscow Academic Art Сollege named in memory 1905 year. Opukhly is a member of Moscow Artist Union and a participant of numerous international, Russian and Moscow exhibitions. His work based on 'still life' (Nature Morte) and Landscape genre of painting is displayed in private collections in Russia, Europe and in the United States.


The Reality and The Sign

Preferences in Art: great in the small, life forms of definite composition ,a minimum of means - maximum expressiveness.

A Collection of Works “A Collection of Works”

oil/canvas, 50x40 cm, 2010

The Old Kerosene Stove “The Old Kerosene Stove”


Big White “Big White”

oil/canvas,60x80 cm,2015

The Nest and a Palette “The Nest and a Palette”

acrylic/canvas, 60x45 cm, 2011

An Unsent Letter “An Unsent Letter”

oil/canvas, 60x50 cm,2013

Still Life with Netsuke “Still Life with Netsuke”

oil/canvas, 60x40 cm,2005

The Magpie “The Magpie”

oil/canvas, 50x70 cm,2011

The Rainbow “The Rainbow”

oil/canvas, 65x80 cm, 2010

Lights “Lights”

oil/canvas, 60x80 cm,2009

White bottles “White bottles”

oil/canvas, 65x50 cm,2009

The Amphora and the Book “The Amphora and the Book”

oil/canvas, 70x50 cm, 2012

Physalis “Physalis”

oil/canvas, 60x50 cm, 2013

The Touch “The Touch ”

oil/canvas, 30x70 cm, 2013

Carduus “Carduus”

oil/canvas, 50x40 cm, 2012

Still life “Still life”

oil/canvas, 55x69cm, 1996

February “February”

acrylic/canvas, 50x60 cm,2008

Silence “Silence”

oil/canvas, 50x70 cm,2011

Dried Estuary “Dried Estuary”

oil/canvas,50x70 cm, 2010

The Sailor’s Family “The Sailor’s Family”

oil/canvas, 50x60 cm, 2002

Carpenter's Dream “Carpenter's Dream”

oil/canvas, 46x70 cm,2015

Cotton and a Smashed Pumpkin “Cotton and a Smashed Pumpkin”

oil/canvas, 60x40 cm, 2011

Nails, Scissors, Paper “Nails, Scissors, Paper ”

oil/canvas, 60x70 cm,2013

A Pomegranate Branch “A Pomegranate Branch”

oil/canvas, 45x35 cm, 2012

A Dried Bouquet “A Dried Bouquet ”

oil/ hardboard, 55x38 cm, 2010

Pussy-willow and Salsify “Pussy-willow and Salsify”

oil/ canvas,50x40 cm,2010

Feathers and Iron “Feathers and Iron”

oil/ canvas,50x60 cm,2009

Poppies “Poppies”

oil/ canvas, 45x30 cm, 2009

The Sunflower “The Sunflower”

oil/canvas, 70x50 cm, 2009