Charles Obike

Charles Obike

Location: Nigeria


A fine Artist born in Afaraukwu Ibeku Umuahia Abia state Nigeria.At the age of 4 years,his interest and passion for drawing gradually began to unfold.
After his secondary education at Government college Umuahia,he proceeded to the prestigious Moscow State Academic Art Institute-named After V.I. Surikov.

Cherished and mentored by Valery Kosorukov,he excelled to master the techniques of drawing and painting with a strong footing.
To him,''open and continuous interaction with varied Artists is the key to creativity''

He is a member of Society Of Nigerian Artists and has held exhibitions at local and international arenas.



In Igbo land,Members of a kindred group meet to discuss matters of paramount interest before presenting the issue to the council of elders at the village level.

Stuburn Goats “Stuburn Goats”

Village Goats on loose after damaging farm crops seek for water to drink.

Portrait of Natalia(Model) “Portrait of Natalia(Model)”

Natalia was one the Artist's favorite models who had deep passion posing for Artists.

Portrait of Edith “Portrait of Edith”

Edith is profound art lover,collector and a good canvasser.

Uncertainty “Uncertainty”

Cartoon expression,drawn by the artist(Charles)while reflecting on the next composition to be made.

kindred meeting “kindred meeting”

A meeting session of kindred members in a village setting.

Thatched houses “Thatched houses”

A typical precolonial houses in Igbo hamlets.

Village huts “Village huts”

A depiction of a typical and traditional African huts inhabited by peasants.

Wrestling Arena “Wrestling Arena”

This very arena is purposely reserved as a play ground for kids and adults during wrestling events in ancient
times.Most Igbo communities still maintain its traditional values to date.

Tatched Farm Shade “Tatched Farm Shade” rural areas, Farmers returning from distant farm lands often take their rest at similar farm shades after harvests on their way home or respective bans.

Tatch Farm Shade-2 “Tatch Farm Shade-2”

...resting point for rural farmers returning from distant farm lands. The natives also wait at the spot to receive spoils from the Hunters.