Dennis Tolentino

Born: July 31, 1973
Married and blessed with a daughter.
Born and grew up in the Province of Laguna, Philippines

‚ÄčI am a Filipino. Probably an admixture of few races but I am proud as I am, a true "Pinoy".

An Electrical Engineer by Profession though for some strange reason don't want to engage with it anymore.

So I became a Visual Artist


I Sculpt using paper and glue.

I Draw using Graphite Pencils.

I've been doing this since 2014 and am constantly improving.

Somehow this activity fulfills me and looking forward to mastering the talents and the tools that goes with it.



Original Sculptures made of Paper Clay.

Bernardo Carpio “Bernardo Carpio”

Bernardo is a legendary Filipino hero blessed with courage and superhuman strength set to oppose the Spanish Colony in the Philippines.

Story tells us that he was caught in an entrapment made by Spaniards. Between two colliding mountains, he was made prisoner. And it was said that every time we felt an earthquake, it was Bernardo still struggling.