Nadia Sani

Nadia Sani

Location: Canada

Nadia Sani
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My artwork is nothing more than appreciating and preserving all the beauty scattered around. The more I study and observe the more I develop an attitude of gratitude towards the Master Creator. As Friedrich Nietzsche says:
“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”
I elected to work in the miniature format in 2000, during the foundation year at school. The very meditated and disciplined practice of learning the traditional Miniature Art fascinated me. It taught me the respect of tradition, patience, and focus. I mastered in every school of thought within the very broad spectrum of miniature paintings. I dared to paint religious text in visual form, primarily because of their descriptive beauty, and than to educate, of how religion is in perfect harmony with the very nature of human beings.
have the illustrative beauty and power to engage the viewer in a conversation with them, what ever it says to the viewer, is the right message. I’ve copied from many master painters with pride because it’s my way of appreciating them as well as mastering the technique. For contemporary works I paint dreams, religious themes, popular myths, portraits, fantasy and common things.
Traveling in different continents, relocating at many places, living between different cultures, being able to experience different art forms, I’ve learned one thing;

“Art in any form is a universal language with no boundaries, it doesn’t require rules, words even expressions but it communicates and touches anyone and everyone”


The dying art of Miniatures

This particular portfolio is a humble effort to try to revive the traditional Miniature art of south Asia. I've worked in every school of thought and the subjects vary from portraits to landscapes, architecture, dreams, mythology and religion. Miniature is basically the illustrative art specifically in Mughal Era. Everything from paper to brush to colors are prepared by the artist in the traditional manner. It's very disciplined form that viewer must view the work at close range to obtain a full appreciation of both the image and technique. This technique is a specialized means of producing a perfect balance of color and details, showing a high standard of stylized design, landscape and portraiture usually on a very small scale. There is a feeling of preciousness associated with the art form.

Hide and Seek “Hide and Seek”

Very antique looking painting in which Hindu God Krishna is playing hide and seek with his friends. Painting is so intricate that every leaf of the trees in background can be counted. Border has been treated specially to give an antique feeling. Painting style is Pahari with the coloring technique of gad rang.

Lovers “Lovers”

Persian style of miniature, beautifully treated images in gad rang over the treated background. It shows two stylized figures loving each other in an off-centre frame arrangement.

Lady through Jharoka “Lady through Jharoka”

status: available
painted area: 10”/15”
Enlarged portrait of a lady standing under an arch, painted in opaque water colors. Pahari style of miniatures. Very rich colors.
Thick foliage in the background

Musicians Series “Musicians Series”

Each one of them is 3"/3" in size
status: Available
price: $750/ each
A Series of Four different musicians playing the local and cultural musical instruments. it's painted in contemporary style in the monochrome transparent water color technique.

Dancing Girl “Dancing Girl”

Status: Sold
Painted area: 5”/7”
Master piece of my work in which I’ve blend two techniques of applying the color, Neem rang and Gad rang, very detailed and intricate handling of colors and composition. It shows a Persian style girl dancing with an instrument called Duff.

window “window”

Painted area: 2”/2”
Price: C$ 500/-
Painted intricately in a technique of watercolor called “neem rang”, it’s a monochrome painting with beautiful painted border. In which things are arranged in stylized arbitrary view.

Mughal Princess Noor Jehan “Mughal Princess Noor Jehan”

Status: available
Prize: C$3000/-
Monochrome transparent water color handling. Noor Jehan was the wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir; who made Taj Mahal in the memory of Noor Jehan across the river, where he could see that tomb whenever he wants to.

Still life 1"/1" “Still life 1"/1"”

size: 1"/1"
status: available
price: $300/-

Queen “Queen”

size: 5"/5"
status: available
medium: graphite pencil
price: $400/-

Fighting Elephants “Fighting Elephants”

size: 10"/15"
status: available
price: $5000/-
Medium: Tea wash and water colors
Basically whole painting is done only in the line work with the brush and tea wash.

Praising moon 'mono' “Praising moon 'mono'”

Status: sold
medium: water color on wasli

Flower in the Desert “Flower in the Desert”

Status: sold
medium: water colors on wasli

Fawns “Fawns”

Status: sold
medium: monochrome water colors on wasli

Elephant rider “Elephant rider”

medium: Gadrang(opaque water colors on wasli)

When I dance “When I dance”

medium: medium: Gadrang(opaque water colors on black wasli)

Makeup “Makeup”

medium: Gadrang(opaque water colors on wasli)

Persian Travellers “Persian Travellers”

medium: Gadrang(opaque water colors on wasli) in Persian style of painting
showing some travellers, tired and dehydrated one of them has fallen down while others are trying to figure out how to help him.
This painting was originally done by Ostad Ali Asghar Tajvidi and I replicate it.

Noor Jehan 'coloured “Noor Jehan 'coloured”

medium: Gadrang(opaque water colors on wasli) in Mughal style of painting
The specialty of this painting is that it has my own eyes and the lower part of the face is of my mother’s representing that we are the descendants from her.

Praising Moon "coloured" “Praising Moon "coloured"”

Description:- it’s a single figure painting, actually my very first colored one
Status: sold
medium: Gadrang (water color opaque) on wasli

Ectasy “Ectasy”

size 10"/10"
status: available
price: $3500/-
medium: Gadrang [opaque water colors] on Monoprint
Post mughal era style of figure with bright colors and gold playing Sitar in an abstract background