L. J. Smith

My type of paintings are developed from within my minds eye and is spoken in color and shape. I attempt to convey, Make (an idea, impression, or feeling) known or understandable to someone. My work abstract art should move something in you, it move me in the making of the art. Everyone will see something different in art. It is a strange medium because you may love it of hate it and someone else will get a different feel. If you like a piece of my work and buy it I want you to enjoy it and you will get more from it the longer you own it.

My work is primarily acrylic paintings on canvas in the style of abstract, cubism, expressionism and all things art. I uses bold colors and powerful brush strokes, in all paintings, in order to create a lasting visual impression. Art buyers (and art lovers) will see symbolic references to prominent 20th century abstract painters like Piet Mondrian and Georges Braque as he offers homage to their artistic vision through his own art. Abstract Art is his Passion. It opens his mind to something unimaginable.

I hope to brings thoughts, experiences and feelings to my abstract paintings.


L. J. Smith

These bright and colorful pleasantly appealing paintings. From many directions you will come to the same destination. You will feel the quite serenely peaceful emotion. You may feel the pull of excitement or calm even something different feel each time you view. With the use of color and movement this can be the center of attention to your room. The pleasing yet bold undisturbed flow can bring enjoy to your room. I hope you enjoy this beautiful modern abstract paintings.

Big Apple “Big Apple”

Big Apple, The bright city light after sundown bring about a colorful dance. Sparkling lights dancing off the water sights & sound of New York City. This work incorporates the deep rich colors of multi reds and black with highlights of white and multi yellows. The red is captivating and will draw you in. I enjoy the soft tone a bold colors to offset a depth and design that will always please the eye. This work will brighten any wall and any life that it comes in contact with. I hope you enjoy my art work.

Anthem “Anthem”

Anthem, This work of art offers praise to the new day. The golden hue and bright orange & gold of the suns rays. Just beginning to peak over the mountain top to reveal a new hopeful day. The contrast to night the break of day will open all possibilities. Open your heats and minds to this beautiful painting. The bright colors and open space will keep you drawn to this work of art. This medium size painting will bring thought provoking life to any room. I hope you enjoy my art.

Early Empire “Early Empire”

The striking appeal of this painting is the bold lines and beautiful color combinations. One of my most cheerful paintings with the use of bright yellows blended with greens to add a depth and dimension. The pop of red in the background clearly brings forth a feeling of warmth. Early Empire will give the owner many years of enjoyment. This work will bring joy to any room and any person who comes upon this graceful quite work of art. I hope you enjoy my art.

Flor de Luna “Flor de Luna”

The sight of a bunch of colorful joy. Flor de Luna is an arrangement of color & shape that will bring delight. Bring this bouquet of expressionist Flor into any room and watch the room brighten and the mood become up lifting. This work of art has the power to change your atmosphere and change the surroundings. You don't need to water of bring to the sunlight to grow. However, this painting will bring the sunlight to you and it will grow in your heart. I hope you enjoy my art.

Prominence “Prominence”

This work will take center stage offering many view points. The focus is pulled to the light as you scan the colorful art. The attention to detail will abate and your feeling will be up lifted. This work will bring color and joy to your wall and reinforce a beauty in the room it you chose to place. This painting by L. J. Smith Fine Art has a very powerful feel with bold brush strokes and vivid color. I hope you enjoy my art.

Momentum “Momentum”

The force & speed of color. This art work will add movement to any room. The product of color and shape, collide with vision & focus. The bold powerful strength of brush stroke and cubism design will compel you to view from every direction. I hope you enjoy my art.

Centra Ice Blue “Centra Ice Blue”

The work has a type of clandestine feel. Watch as this modern art work will have a hush-hush stealthy magic. It will catch your eye and the eye of many of the beholder. Share the beauty with all that gazes upon the hidden joy. This Top Secret movement in the color form will provide you with an amazing grace.

Matrix Red Ember “Matrix Red Ember”

The work of mild agitation with the flow of this work of art. Tempestuous is rising up and will cause an emotion within you. This will demand attention with all who gaze on it. You can be proud to display for all to see. Enjoy this modern abstract print.

Turbulent Blue “Turbulent Blue”

Will barge right in without warning or permission. The bold work has been acclaimed as a force to be reckoned with. It will thrust itself upon the scene. This is not for the timid, it has a very powerful nature push the out limits of your senses. A wild and wonderful modern abstract art work yours for the taking. Enjoy

Fire Purple “Fire Purple”

The work of mild agitation with the flow of this work of art. Tempestuous is rising up and will cause an emotion within you. This will demand attention with all who gaze on it. You can be proud to display for all to see. Enjoy this modern abstract print.

Blast Green Cooper “Blast Green Cooper”

this work is NOT hard to understand. From any Angle to can see the truth, the bold colors and slow movement. This small print can make a large impact on any room. Just give it a chance to change your room feel and draw attention to the strong feeling this work presents. I hope you enjoy this

Pursuit Blue “Pursuit Blue”

Will bring peace and joy to any room. You can gaze upon this beautiful painting and be drawn in. You can find something different in this print every time you look on it. Please enjoy the unaffected and undisturbed emotion this print contains. Enjoy a work of art and modern abstract.