Lex Heilijgers

LEX heilijgers


Lex Heilijgers is a Dutch painter and sculptor whose artwork reveals his fascination for the playful interaction of forms, lines and colours on the common ground between abstract and figurative. The objects Lex observes, are analyzed into their basic lines and forms and revived on canvas or in stone.

His paintings such as townscapes, landscapes, statue-like figures and still-lives have an abstract but still recognizable form. In his sculptures, anatomical lines and proportions remain essential. Though of a modest size, these sculptures are highly impressive and possess a special charisma through a graceful and proud pose in combination with an abstract way of modelling.

2015, December 3-22 group exhibition Agora Gallery, New York City, USA
2016 Jan. 8-Febr. 2 group exhibition Galleria360, Florence, Italy
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