Alegria Polit

Alegria Polit

Location: Ecuador

Solo Shows

2016 Galleria Statuto 13- Brera, Milano
"Altre Dimensioni"
2016 Am Lindenhof Gallery- Zurich, Switzwerland
2014 Cité du Temps - Geneva, Switzerland
“Tribute to Geneva”
2010 Château de Coppet - Coppet,Switzerland
“My Portraits”
2009 Galerie “El Pacifico”- Stuttgart, Germany
“My Mirrors”
2009 OMPI- WIPO - Geneva, Switzerland
“My Mirrors”
2008 Maecenas Art Forum - Berlin, Germany
“My Mirrors”
2002 Museo Nacional Banco Central del Ecuador - Quito, Ecuador
1999 Cervantes Gallery - Milan, Italy
“Beyond Time”
1996 The Naked Zebra Gallery - Covent Garden, London, England
“My Happy Spirit”
1994 Museo Antropologico Banco del Pacifico - Guayaquil, Ecuador
1992 Banco de los Andes Gallery - Quito, Ecuador

Group Exhibitions

2016 Galerie Editart - Geneva, Switzerland
2015 Florence Biennial – Florence, Italy
“Art and The Polis”
Winner of the Lorenzo Il Magnifico Painting Award, 4th Place
2015 Galerie Editart – Geneva, Switzerland
“Champs et Contre-Champs”
2014 Dublin Biennial, Dublin, Ireland
2014 Galerie Editart - Geneva, Switzerland
“Universe Parallel”
2013 Florence Bienal - Florence, Italy
“Ethics DNA of Art”
2013 Galeria Editart - Geneva, Switzerland
“Regards Croisés”
2012 Galerie Editart - Geneva, Switzerland
“Tour D’Horizon”
2010 Palais de Nations - Geneva, Switzerland
Homenaje a Serat
1999 Cafiso Gallery - Milan, Italy
1999 Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Centro Cultural La Recoleta - Buenos Aires, Argentina
“Artist from Milan at Work”
1997 Jesus Reyes Heroles, Latin American Department of Culture- Mexico, D.F.
1997 Azcapotzalco Department of Culture-Mexico D.F.
“Arte in Giiro”


2008 to date Drawing and sculpture studies at the Bottega of Mario Pachioli
Florence, Italy
1999 Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera - Milan, Italy
Summa Cum-laude
1998 Ecole Nationale Des Beaux Arts - Nancy, france
Erasmus Scholarship
1994-1998 Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera - Milan, Italy
1992-1994 Painting at art studio of the Spanish Artrst Gayo - Quito, Ecuador
1987-1990 Instituto per L’Arte e il Restauro - Florence, Italy
Diploma in Painting and Graphic Arts
1985-1986 Painting at the Art Studio of Scottish Artist Isobel Calderwood - Quito, Ecuador


Alegria Polit

Born in Quito, Alegria studued in Italy and has lived in Europe for more than 20 years.

Her latest representations of the Square One series were presented at the “Biennale di Firenze”, winning the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award.

A traditional oil colour technique combined with modern aesthetics, an esquisite feel for light and an antique byzantine gold-leaf finish gives Alegria’s art work the visual impact of an old masterpiece with the unique lush finish of contemporary art.

Square One “Square One”

Life is full of contrasts, but for artists these contrasts may result in the struggle between the clear and the obscure, between light and gloom. My series “Square One” represents the space where, all of a sudden, the obscurity and clarity we all have inside us meet like dating companions that rendezvous. When, in art as well as in our inner life, light overcomes darkness, it shines and glitters in the same way that my paintings take care of the innocence and purity of every human being.