Location: Germany

HITCH is a german artist and works since 1990 in analogue fine art photography, sculptures, photo objects, mixed media, installations and video art in combination with sound.


He was born in 1967 in Berlin, where he still resides. He works as a freelance art photographer in the fields of industrial and architectural photography. He finds his motifs on worldwide travels.

Since 1990 it is the main focus of his artistically-photographic work to work out structures of things, which surround people in their daily life. He displays these in conceptional different, mostly coloured photoseries, videos, mixed media installations with sound and objects. For his objects, he uses beside or in combination with his analogue photos a wide variety of materials such as steel, acrylic, wood, felt and plastic.

The basis of HITCH´s photographs is always man. He is very rarely directly pictured by him but is rather represented through his developments, constructions or interventions in the environment.

As a "available light" photographer he is working without additional flashlight. The photographs are taken directly from 35-mm colour transparencies shot with his old-fashioned Leica-camera (year of construction 1972) without later digital post-editing on the computer or photolaboratory.

HITCH photographs his picture subjects, preferaly in a central perspective by unifomly covered sky with the result that they are free from the reflection of the sun and the surrounding shadows.

For a single device of optical alienation, HITCH uses close-up views. Thereby he gives his photographs underlying themes an intense reduced design vocabulary right up to abstraction. So the viewer could hardly classify these pictures, what they let looking interesting over a longer time period.

Since 2002, his works have been exhibited in solo- and group-exhibitions primarily in galleries, museums and art clubs.

Many of the documentary picture series of the artist show bygone, i.e. meanwhile demolished buildings or modified landscapes, with the result that these pictures are unique testimonials of these changes.

His long-term project “TechStruct – Germany” stands under the patronage of the economics ministers of the federal states involved.

HITCH´s works are held in private, corporate and public collections e.g.: at the Deutschen Historischen Museum Berlin, the Sächsischen Industriemuseum Chemnitz, the Zentrale Landesbibliothek Berlin and the Commerzbank AG.

He has been a member of the photography working party in the Association of Berlin Museums since 2004.





WBP 60 “WBP 60”

analogue C-Print, 2003, size: 20 x 30 cm