Stuart Marcus

I retired in 2008 and now am a full time artist with my own studio in Inglewood, Ca. doing primarily Urban Architectural paintings and then adding a figure or abstracting the image


Urban Architecture

After a successful careen in Interior Design and after retiring in 2008 , I have become a full time artist.
My passion for form and color led me to a unique artistic expression. With my keen design eye, I constantly formulate ideas inspired by urban imagery, nature and architecture. My fascination with the reflective nature of building exteriors and my love of form and color as seen through glass facades is captured with my IPhone and then transfer them to my canvas.
I find delight in the rhythms of urban landscape which reminds me of its beauty.

Cuban Blues “Cuban Blues”

I traveled to Havana in January of 2016 and captured over 100 pictures of elegant, decayed structures. This is one of the first in a series of Cuba paintings

Blue Siding “Blue Siding”

This is one of a series of painting I did of a small portion of a condominium in Venice showing reflective windows surrounded by steel siding

Nite in NYC “Nite in NYC”

A view from my balcony at nite

Stairwell Dilemma “Stairwell Dilemma”

Abstraction of images of stairwells in glass store front

"Getty Stairs" “"Getty Stairs"”

Part of the Getty Museum paintings

Descending to Blue “Descending to Blue”

Arhitectural image converted to an abstract, geometric painting

The Disney Hall “The Disney Hall”

My conceptual painting taken from my photo of the entry

The Twin Towers “The Twin Towers”

Reflections from the Twin Towers in Century City, L.A.

Ocean Ave. Hotel “Ocean Ave. Hotel”

View of the interior courtyard of a Hotel w/ reflections

Watching & Waiting “Watching & Waiting”

Abstraction taken from my series of Sidings on a condo in Venice, Ca. w/ figure

LACMA Ducts “LACMA Ducts”

Abstraction taken from a photo of the air ducts at LACMA

Ascending “Ascending”

Abstraction from a photo of the exterior of a parking structure at UCLA in L.A.

Brooks Ave. “Brooks Ave.”

Entry Facade of a commercial bldg. in Venice

the Atrium at the Getty “the Atrium at the Getty”

Reflections from buildings at the Getty showing the Atrium w/ figure

Cables & Trusses “Cables & Trusses”

View from across the road looiking at an approaching bridge


Abstraction of the exterior view of The Hammer museum in Los Angeles

6TH & Wilshire “6TH & Wilshire”

Reflections from the facade of a building in Santa Monica, Ca.

Electric Power Plant “Electric Power Plant”

view of the power plant at Hermosa Beach, Ca.

Alone “Alone”

View of a department store's empty window w/ awning

Marriott DTLA “Marriott DTLA”

Abstraction of the Marriott Hotel in DTLA

Unite B & C “Unite B & C”

View of the atrium in a Condo Complex abstracted

Anticipation “Anticipation”

View of the exterior facade of a Condo in Venice, Ca. abstracted w/ figure

DTLA Reflected “DTLA Reflected”

View of commercial buildings in DTLA abstracted

The PDC In Red “The PDC In Red”

View of the PDC complex in W. Hollywood, CA.

The Guggenheim “The Guggenheim”

Abstracted View of the facade of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC

Building Anatomy “Building Anatomy”

View of a commercial building featuring geometric shapes

"I'm speaking to you two" “"I'm speaking to you two"”

figurative abstract painting derived from an Architectural photo

Passing thru “Passing thru”

Realistic painting derived from a photograph

Over The Bridge “Over The Bridge”

Abstraction from a photograph showing a bridge in the forest w/ shadows

Balloon Ballet “Balloon Ballet”

Abstraction from my photograph of the Atrium at the LA Convention Center

Sunset Ave. “Sunset Ave.”

Abstraction from a photo I took of the exterior of an Apartment Bldg. in Venice, Ca.

The PDC Reflected “The PDC Reflected”

This adaptation from a photo taken on the roof of the PDC bldg., in W.LA, showing its reflective nature abstracted with an added figure

The Broad Theatre “The Broad Theatre”

Abstraction of the Broad Theatre in Santa Monica


My interpretation of the stair entry into LACMA in Los Angeles, Ca.


Street view of a series of shops on Abbott Kinney Blvd. in Venice , Ca. w/ abstractions

OnThe Rhone “OnThe Rhone”

Abstraction showing a creative commercial bldg. that appeared on the Rhone River while on a river cruise

On Wilshire “On Wilshire”

An abstract painting taken from a photo , as I was driving on Wilshire Blvd., L.A., showing the reflections in an officve building


Abstract oil paintings

Abstract w/ red “Abstract w/ red”

This abstract painting was originaly an Architectural painting that was turned into an Abstract

Abstract w/ pink “Abstract w/ pink ”

This painting started out as Architectural and then I turned it into an Abstract painting with figures but still retaining is linear lines

Faces “Faces”

This painting derived from a photo I took of an outdoor mural featuring faces and I turned it into an abstract painting featuring the figures