Maria Maddalena Sposito

Maria Maddalena Sposito

Location: Italy


Maria Maddalena Sposito

Maria Maddalena Sposito painter and writer. Graduated in Economics and Commerce is a professional accountant and auditor. He teaches at a Commercial Technical Institute. The artist, dedicating his free time to his passion, painting and writing. He paints from 1990.Nelle his creations has used various materials making suggestive representations of sea and mountain landscapes. His works are made with a unique technique and wax casting staff is also carved on various media with intense colors, light and dark drowned in bronze, gold and silver. For High Fashion has created sculptures to wear. Continuing his search came to a painting with an engraved wax, soft and wearable, with an exaltation of artistic value, which in summary can be represented as "art to wear." It also creates jewelry with unusual shapes and bright colors. Besides painting he is also passionate about photography and in recent years has been part of the jury Photo Contests as well as extemporaneous painting competitions. In 2011 he published a book with a collection of three short yellow, set in Sardinia, In 2014 the Otma Editions published: "Barony In Yellow", a collection of short stories set in the beautiful scenery that is Sardinia. The children's book of fairy tales Maddy series: "I Grilli le Cicale" "The Butterfly and Dragonfly" "I Grilli and Cicadas" in Sardinian cured by Dr. Angelo Canu Latest novel entitled: "Even the sea lilies are about love". Cell.3389694592 - e-mail:

Scultura "Emozione" “Scultura "Emozione"”

La scultura " Emozione", è un corpetto indossato da Caterina Murino nella Sfilata “Solstizio d’estate” 2001-Cagliari - è realizzato con la cera. Una tecnica personale

La Guerra “La Guerra”

The picture represents the verses written by the same painter (Mary Magdalene Sposito), were carved into the bottom of the picture and also written in the top right positioned on a stretch of red leather. The verses are:
What remains of a man
Grass growing ...
A blossoming flower
The blood on the floor crying
The flag of Sardinia is indicating the high price in blood that the Sardinians "The Sassari" Brigade left the field. The Flag of the Italian state of which Sardinia is a part. The helmet is the first world war, insists on the ground soaked in blood. Red flower indicates the mortal wounds and at the same time the hope of a new life with his flourish in the grass that grows. The simple and immediate verses indicate at a glance the tragedy of war and the spirit of the fallen crying peace. Red drops are the symbol of the pain and the endless tears shed. The painter has painted the picture as a tribute to his grandfather Sisinio back from this war.


Copertina romanzo "ANCHE I GIGLI DI MARE PARLANO D'AMORE"di Maria Maddalena Sposito - Acrilico su tela 50 X 40 cm-

La Farfalla e la Libellula “La Farfalla e la Libellula”

Copertina - La Farfalla e la Libellula- della serie le storie di Maddy - acquarello 25 x 19 cm

I Grilli e le Cicale “I Grilli e le Cicale”

Copertina -I Grilli e le Cicale- della serie le storie di Maddy -acquarello 16 x 16 cm

Scultura " NINFA" “Scultura " NINFA"”

The "NINFA" sculpture is a corsage worn in the Parade "Summer Solstice" 2001-Cagliari - is made with wax. A personal technique.

La scultura " NINFA", è un corpetto indossato nella Sfilata “Solstizio d’estate” 2001-Cagliari - è realizzato con la cera. Una tecnica personale.


"LA DAMA DEL SUGHERO" è un acrilico completato da un corpetto in sughero e una gonna arricciata di sacco.

Certificate “Certificate”

I am very happy for this certificate of work "LA DAMA DEL SUGHERO"

Sculture da indossare (Sculptures to wear) “Sculture da indossare (Sculptures to wear)”

Sculture realizzate con la cera, una tecnica personale, per l’Alta Moda.-Sculptures made with wax, a personal technique, for High Fashion.

Certificate Contest # 22 “Certificate Contest # 22”

Sculptures to wear for high fashion

Certificate Contest # 23 “Certificate Contest # 23”

Photographs: Love for traditions “Sos Tintinnatos”- “Giovani Tintinnatos”

Certificate of Excellence