Behal Catchpole

Behal & Catchpole have been artists all their lives and currently paint separately and together on the same canvas. For a complete bio of their work, please click on this hot link:


Behal Catchpole - Colaborative Artists

Steve Behal and Jeannie Catchpole are life long artists - but in 2008 this painting, HIGH DESERT TRAFFIC was their first collaborative piece. Three years in the making - many other paintings followed as Behal/Catchpole continued to produce art separately and together. Then they wrote “High Desert Traffic” the screenplay – a ‘mostly true’ romantic comedy about the completion of this collaborative 72" x 93" acrylic on linen, HIGH DESERT TRAFFIC - the feature film script - is currently seeking producers in L.A. - as Behal & Catchpole continue to paint.

© Behal/Catchpole
72" x 93" Acrylic and Mixed Media on Linen


© Behal/Catchpole
72" x 93" Acrylic and Mixed Media on Linen

KARMA - The History of Civilization “KARMA - The History of Civilization”

@ Behal/Catchpole
48" x 60" Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Canvas

Catchpole began this painting at a demonstration at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts - Arts & Crafts Festival 2014. Excited by the energy, Steve jumped in with harmonious collaborative throws and drizzles and instinctively titled it KARMA - The History Of Civilization.

Suth'n Katie ~ L.A. Lady “Suth'n Katie ~ L.A. Lady”

© Behal/Catchpole
36" x 48" Acrylic, Oil Pastel & Pencil on Canvas

While on a recent trip to L.A. Steve Behal and Jeannie Catchpole reunited with dear friend Katie Rogers from Alabama. They met at the Paul Simon concert at the Hollywood Bowl, then to room 1101 at the ACE HOTEL on Broadway.

A former resident of L.A., Katie was in L.A. to debut her long awaited documentary titled CARLESS IN LA where Katie is chronicled surviving 90 days of getting around sprawling Greater Los Angeles CAR-LERR. "Nut's, isn't it?!"

This painting by Behal/Catchpole is influenced by their shared creative energies and talks of future dreams and projects.


© Behal/Catchpole
48" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas

No words necessary here!