Arturo Chavez

Arturo Chavez brings his passionate, sublime, and evocative inner world to life, intensely identifying himself by way of his work. His obsession with painting spans a lifetime of more than forty years exploring and mastering his art…

His early infatuation with classical guitar gave him precision, discipline and self-knowledge as an artist while studying music at the University of New Mexico. Turning his talent to painting in 1983, Chavez has pursued visual art as a full time profession. His paintings are in numerous collections, both private and public in the U.S. and abroad.

Chavez was born in Embudo in 1949 near Taos nestled along the Rio Grande River and raised between Chimayo and Los Alamos, where he continues to paint a broad cross section of subject matter from western landscapes to figurative wildlife.


Self Portrait

Self Portrait
40" x 36" oil Oil
Arturo Chávez 2022

Lovers For Life “Lovers For Life”

36" x 48" Oil
Arturo Chavez 2016

Best Of Friends “Best Of Friends”

36" x 36" Oil
Arturo Chavez 2016

Cuyamungue Sunset 51" x 83" oil “Cuyamungue Sunset 51" x 83" oil”

Located 15 miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, these beautiful mesas are nestled against the backdrop of Santa Fe Baldy; a prominent feature of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range in central New Mexico. "Cuyamungue" is an ancient Tewa Native American word which translates to: "Place Where The Threw the Rocks Down". This title conjures up an image of group of native American Pueblo Dwellers defending their home lands in a fierce battle, hurling rocks from the tops of these mesas. The painting "Cuyamungue Sunset" depicts the last 15 minutes of a late winter sun illuminating the distinct features of these rugged cliffs.
~Arturo Chavez, Artist~ 2017

Isis Sunrise 60" x 96" oil “Isis Sunrise 60" x 96" oil”

The Temple of Isi has provided many years of painting fascination for me as an artist. I have completed numerous paintings of Isis over the last 25 years; the largest being 80" x 160" and purchased by the Tucson Desert Art Museum for their permanent collection.

The temple of Isis is one of the most prominent geological features of the Grand Canyon. It's strata comprises numerous layers of sediment exposing 1.7 billion years of our planets history.

Isis, Egyptian Aset or Eset, is one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt. Her name is the Greek form of an ancient Egyptian word for “throne.”
Read more on the Egyptian mythology of Isis here:
~ Arturo Chavez ~

La Luz del Sol “La Luz del Sol”

Sunset depiction of the Northern New Mexico landscape between Santa Fe and Chimayó with Santa Fe Baldy in the Background.
painting measures 48" x 96" oil- Available at the Legacy Gallery Santa Fe. 505-986-9833- Jen

Self Portrait “Self Portrait”

Arturo Chávez Painting the Grand Canyon