Ramona Romanu

Ramona Romanu

Location: Germany

Ramona Romanu

Tel. +49 89 444 89 647
Mobile: +49 163 3136933

23.09.1970 Born in Arad/Transylvania
1984 - 1987 Education at the Art School Academy in Arad
1988 - 1991 Study of Painting at Prof. Königshoff in Giessen / Germany
1991 - 1999 Study of Computer Sciences and Medicine at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel Specialized in Neuronal Networks and Artificial Intelligence
Graduation with summa cum laude
After Graduation work in research, neurophysiology, brain research, polar ecology
2000 - 2002 International Project Manager at AOL/Time Warner, CompuServe, Netscape
2003 - 2004 Study of Psychology, Approbation (HPG)
Graduation in the top 10%
2009 - 2010 Study of Painting at the american photorealistic painter Earn Kollar in Munich / Germany
2016 - 2017 Study of drawing at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich
Since 2004 Ramona Romanu lives and works full-time as an artist in Munich / Germany

Her art work is inspired by human perception and its correlation with nature.

For her abstract series she created the term Quantum art, in the meaning of a bridge between science and art.

These works are inspired by quantum -physics, chaos-theory, neuro-physiology, consciousness studies, geometry, fractals and recursive- mathematic patterns.

For the big sized „Rorschach“ series, a psychoanalytical test that had been used by Sigmund Freud to make the unconscious visible and interpretable, she paints over 7 ft wide mirrored and symmetric paintings in oil on canvas as symbols for the left and right brain hemispheres. The viewer is invited to follow his own perception and to make his own interpretation of the motive. For this series she dilutes the oil paint in a way, to make it look like water colors - light and transparent, applied in many layers to give it profoundness.

The paintings from the series „Abstract Neuronal Network“, with over 20 squared works, are mostly monochromatic and they show the clusters that has been observed in the neuronal networks. She did not put her signature on those paintings, with regard to the number of permutations in which a square picture can be shown. Here we have (at least) 8 possibilities (4 sides and 4 corners) to present a painting, by rotating it in 45 degrees.

In her figurative works she focuses on underwater worlds, Japanese koi paintings and portraits of traditional geishas. 2005 she started the series „Underwater ladies“.
Since 2014 she started a new figurative series with little figures, always with an umbrella, positioned in wide spaces with depth.

Her main technique is oil on canvas and she also experiments with indian ink and coffee for the drawings and paintings in the „Paperwork“ series. For some works in the „Organic“ series, she uses both, acrylic and oil paint.


Museum Exhibitions

2009 Museum of Art in Arad/Transylvania - Single Exhibition with 30 paintings and installation

Single Exhibitions

2004 MOC Munich
Style Colors - Gruenwald/Germany
2005 Kunst und Absinth in Kulturclub G34 - Munich
Grenova Event - Munich
2006 Aparthotel an der Spree - Berlin
2008 Deutsches Theater - Munich
ArtLounge Gallery - Munich
2011 L‘Ocean - Sea life Painting - Munich
2013 Black Outline at the Parigi - Munich
2014 Fish Underwater Paintings at Tartaruga - Munich
10 Years Retrospectives Ramoart at La Fattoria - Munich
Dream Fruits at Pariser Platz - Munich
2015 All about LOVE - Studio exhibition - Munich
Exhibition at the Isareck - Munich
Geometry, Topology und Reflections - Quantum Art - Kulturhaus Neuperlach / Germany
Studio Exhibition: Dancing and Singing in the Rain - The Umbrella Series - Munich
20th Japan Fest at German Japanese Society: Koi and Geisha - English Garden Munich
Koi Painting for Shangri La - Mallorca/Spain
A New Perspective - Abstract Neuronal Network at Le Meridien - Vienna / Austria
2016 Aquatic Perspective - Dive into underwater worlds - Le Meridien - Munich

Group Exhibitions

2005 Olympic Stadium - Munich VIP Lounge - Cinema One Event
Kulturtage Neuhausen/Nymphenburg/Germany
2011 Obacht Offene Ateliers in Haidhausen - Munich
2013 Pilot Projekt - Düsseldorf / Germany
2014 Camaver Kunsthaus International Exhibition in Bellano - Lago di Como / Italy
2015 Koi - Im Auge des Ursprungs - Atelier am Isartor - Munich
2015 Gustav Klimt Interpretation with works from Konrad Paul Kujau - Atelier am Isartor - Munich
2016 Art Space Gallery - New York City / USA
Art Fair Donostiartean - San Sebastian / Spain
2017 Superfreak - Stray Kat Gallery Chelsea -New York
2018 Affordable Art Fair Milan / Italy

Company Exhibitions (as single exhibitions)

2007 O2 Germany - Munich
2010 Montanus Group - Wetzlar / Germany
2011 Personal Power - Munich
2012 Amasol - Neue Balan - Munich
2017 E.ON Energy Germany single exhibition 50 paintings


2014 Hidden Treasure ART Magazine - London / UK


Ramona Romanu

"Little Girl with Dog", Oil on Canvas, 80 x 100 cm, 2015

Little Girl with Dog “Little Girl with Dog”

Oil on Canvas, 80 x 100 cm, 2015

Lady in Red “Lady in Red”

Oil on Canvas, 50 x 50 cm, 2015

Girl with Umbrella “Girl with Umbrella”

Oil on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm, 2015