Sandra Von Rubenwil

Sandra von Rubenwil is born in New York, by argentine mother (Ukrainian/Jewish origins) and a swiss father. Swiss based artist who works as interior, textile, and jewel designer, painter and calligrapher. Her creations arise from the combination of spiritual conceptual art, poetry and calligraphy and by exploring different materials including recycling.

She attends studies in textile and graphic design at the CSIA in Lugano (Art Academy).
During her stay in Venise Sandra finds a position working in the restoration field, in the meantime attending classes in restoration and museology at the UIA (Art university). During this period, in this particular atmosphere: the meeting of the eastern and western cultures, the constant confrontation of the past with the contemporary, the “Biennale d’Arte”, the glass factories, the presence of water and the never ending walks through Venice lead her to develop a fondness for glass made art forms and creates her first works. Venise is a surprising place for her, that seduces and opens her mind and soul. Back to Ticino she dedicates herself mainly to contemporary art, calligraphy and graphic design. After the birth of her first doughter she starts to project and realize children interior design. Sandra is a naturally curious person, who enjoys perfecting the art of calligraphy at various workshops with International teachers as Brody Neunschwander, Denise Lach, Brenda Stierling, Giovanni De Faccio, Anna Ronchi and others.

The latest artistic research of Sandra von Rubenwil is founded on the experimentation and practice through the sacred geometry and the mystic and divine significance implicit in the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Sandra lives and works in Torricella (Switzerland) as freelance, collaborates with architects, designers, artists and musicians. Her art work finds place in private collections around the world.